Development of native iOS applications

AOE develops advanced iOS applications, custom-built to meet specific needs, for companies operating on a global scale.

Due to the continuous increase in users and a proliferation of high-performance mobile devices, native applications are becoming ever-more important. Since the launch of Apple’s App Store users worldwide have already downloaded more than 60 billion apps, of which 20 billion were in 2012 alone.

Mobile app development with the software development kit iOS SDK

Mobile Apple devices run the proprietary operating system iOS. Among other things Apple provides developers with the iOS SDK software development kit, with which companies can build their own native apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Applications developed for iOS can only run on devices from Apple. The iOS SDK contains an “iPhone simulator” with which the behavior of applications can be tested.

AOE relies on highly specialized web experts for the development of native iOS applications, who develop applications and customize them to our clients’ requirements according to the highest UX design standards. Moreover, we also collaborate with mobile-experts to design applications from start to finish, including comprehensive testing.

Advantages of native iOS apps:

  • Native iOS applications are specifically developed to match Apple’s hardware requirements and are tuned to handle complex and processing-intensive applications
  • Access to device hardware components, such as camera, GPS or microphone. This means, for example, that QR- or barcode scanners can be used for mobile shop apps
  • The opportunity to distribute globally through country-specific app stores

Moreover, native apps provide the option of displaying notifications to the user and can achieve synergistic effects in combination with other apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

We would be delighted to show you examples of complex iOS apps in our portfolio.

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