Native app development for Android

AOE develops complex Open Source Mobile Applications for Android and delivers all-encompassing services satisfying even the most demanding customer requirements, ranging from conceptualization and development to testing.

Android, with its global market share of over 80%, is the most popular and successful mobile operating system worldwide. Currently more than 900 million devices run Android, with 975,000 apps available. The reason for Android’s success: It’s Open Source. 

Advantages of native apps:

Whereas iOS applications can only be used on Apple devices, companies offering Android apps can target a broader and larger target audience, and consequently gain a larger market share than with any other operating system. Android is available on most popular devices from leading brands, such as Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC.

Android Open Source Projects

Developed by Google as an Open Source solution, Android offers virtually unlimited possibilities for the development of apps to meet specific requirements. The freedom this brings makes this a highly versatile platform.

App development with the Android SDK software development kit

The Android SDK offers comprehensive possibilities for development and testing of Android applications. The SDK offers a comprehensive set of tools needed for development, such as the Android Developers Tools (ADT).

Native Android development at AOE

AOE relies on highly specialized mobile-experts for the development of native Android applications. We can support you end-to-end throughout all phases of your app development, with services ranging from the creation of complex Android-app concepts, through mobile web design to performance optimization with fully automated and manual testing procedures.

Various global companies have already launched Android apps developed by AOE, and if you’re interested we would be delighted to present examples to you.

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