Mobile Frameworks

AOE develops flexible Mobile Applications using high-performance mobile frameworks, with a focus on usability for an optimal user experience.

Mobile Applications are becoming more and more complex technically due to the increasing performance of mobile devices, while the use of different operating systems and frameworks is limited to only a few competitors.

Google’s Android framework has been dominating the mobile market unchallenged for years. According to an IDC survey, Android achieved a global market share of 84.7% in Q2 2014, followed by Apple’s iOS with merely 11.7%.

Market share of mobile OS (Q2 2014):

Operating systemMarket share
Windows Phone2.5%

On the basis of leading mobile frameworks AOE develops Mobile Applications for various platforms using state-of-the-art mobile Open Source frameworks, which enables us to customize applications to our client’s needs and platform requirements. In doing so we strive to provide users an optimized user experience on every operating system.

AOE has already developed numerous advanced Mobile Applications for various global companies. To ensure high performance we rely on agile development and comprehensive testing methods, such as test-driven development.

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