Apache Camel is a message-based middleware with a rule-based routing- and mediation engine, which simplifies integration of Enterprise applications. Based on domain-specific language, Camel can be used to configure routing- and mediation rules. Apache Camel uses Java as its programming language and is platform-independent, thus making it compatible with all operating systems.

Routing & Mediation

Sending, receiving, routing and transforming data

Enterprise Integration Patterns

Integration of business functions in Enterprise applications


Communications with other transport- and message protocols through Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI)

Apache Camel is a Java-based Open Source framework for converting domains and for rule-based routing. The software is used especially in large companies and for complex network structures. It supports numerous functions, such as Bean Binding for Plain Old Java Objects and JavaBeans, thus making it easy to integrate into many other applications such as the Dependency Injection Framework Spring or in Google Guice.

Benefits of Apache Camel

Rules Engine

Definition of routing- and mediation rules with Java, Scala or Spring XML configuration

Unifed Resource Identifiers

URI utilization enables communications with different transport- and messaging protocols such as HTTP, JMS and AMQP

Domain-Specific Languages

Simple to operate domain-specific language for connection to Enterprise integration patterns and transports

API Connectivity

Connectivity to numerous transport protocols and APIs

Bean Binding

Seamless integration of popular frameworks such as CDI, Spring, Blueprint and Guice

SOA Infrastructure

Camel is suited for Service-oriented architecture (SOA) with distributed services


Apache Camel is platform-independent and can easily be used with every operating system


Camel is based on Java and is therefore suited for integration into Java applications with minimal dependencies

Open Source Community

Camel is an Apache brand product with a large, active Open Source Community

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