Magento Enterprise Edition

The Magento Enterprise Edition is an Open Source E-Commerce solution for companies that comprises numerous Enterprise functions, such as warranty and professional support, for successful global E-Commerce for medium- to large companies.

In addition to the general features available with the Community Edition, the Open Source solution Magento Enterprise offers comprehensive Enterprise-class functionalities complete with auto scaling to fulfill the highest performance requirements. 

Enterprise Edition Highlights

Revenue-Enhancing Functions

Increase traffic on your E-Commerce portal and convert users to customers. For this, Magento Enterprise includes all functions that you need to grow your business. With auto scalability, Magento Enterprise meets all Enterprise demands for high traffic, large product catalogs and global expansion.

Comprehensive Control

Customize the look and feel and the functionalities of your online shop to comply with your corporate identity guidelines. Seamlessly integrate third-party tools and -applications to meet your business requirements. The intuitive user interface allows you to update and further develop your shop.

Expert Support

Companies that choose Magento Enterprise receive extensive technical support for optimal design and operations of their installation. In addition a global network of partners ā€“ such as AOE as solution partner ā€“ provides comprehensive services, so that you can optimize your Magento platform.

Magento Enterprise Premium

In addition to the Enterprise Edition Magento also offers the Enterprise Premium Edition, which contains additional features and services that are designed especially for large companies and corporations.

Several Licenses

In addition to the general Enterprise features, the Premium Edition includes two production server licenses as well as one development server license, to allow for integration of large product catalogs and enable high-volume transactions with maximum performance.

Premium Support

High availability and performance are among the most important features of successful E-Commerce portals. With Magento Premium support you receive professional support around the clock.

Expert Consulting

For its Premium customers Magento operates an Expert Consulting Group (ECG), which supports companies in implementing their portals and ensures that high standards in development are met. The ECG offers consulting regarding the architecture as well as during code review and makes recommendations for improvements to security and system stability.

Professional Training Sessions with Magento U

Magento U offers Enterprise Premium users the opportunity to participate in various training sessions. These range from basics in development to options in individual web shop design through to maintenance of products and pages. 

Learn more about the benefits of the Magento Commerce Enterprise Edition from AOE. As one of the worldā€™s leading Magento Enterprise Partners with acknowledged experts in optimizing Magento performance as well as several certified Magento Enterprise developers, AOE offers extensive Magento Enterprise services to large companies to meet the highest performance requirements.

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