Magento Commerce Architecture

The architecture of Magento Commerce offers the highest degree of flexibility and scalability for all requirements of a global business.

Magento Commerce is a Cloud-based software structured in a modular way, and its functionality can be flexibly extended at any time by adding on new modules, thus keeping the program's core architecture separate from its functionality.

Program core based on PHP5 and the Zend Framework

The program core of Magento Commerce is based on the PHP5 scripting language. The Zend framework provides Magento Commerce with a robust program backbone. PHP5 enables unrestricted object-oriented programming (OOP). This way software requirements can be better implemented in combination with the Model-View-Controller-Pattern (MVC). 

Reusable Code or Components of PHP5

A significant advantage of PHP5 is the clear programming, structure and maintenance of object-oriented code. This enables the creation of lean and reusable PHP code.

Using the Zend Framework as a backbone for Magento Commerce further enhances the utility of OOP Zend's component framework abstracts the OOP approach, delivering a prefabricated packet of professional object-oriented PHP5 Software components and templates, including all necessary programming steps. The advantages of the Zend Framework are clean code programming that is demonstrably more robust and stable.

New Technologies for modern Applications

Magento is designed as a classic LAMP application for use on a Linux-based Apache HTTP-Server, from version 1.3x upwards. MySQL 4.1.2 (or later) is used as databank solution.

AJAX-Technology is used for the display and creation of page content in both the back and front ends. This not only has the advantage of allowing web content to be changed without reloading the entire site or falling back on a browser plug-in, but also means that the MVC-Architecture template can be applied to complex content. 

Implementing Magento with a convincing concept

AOE makes use of advanced software development models and methods when conceptualizing and implementing international Magento E-Commerce projects. Moreover, all AOE core-developers are certified for PHP5 by Zend Technologies. With its international team of 40 Magento developers AOE has access to one of the strongest Magento resource pools worldwide.

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