Magento Commerce Highlights

Magento, with its vast scope of functions, offers valuable features for professional, global E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce.

Magento Commerce is currently one the most comprehensive Open Source Online Shop-Systems on the E-Commerce market. Due to its vast flexibility and numerous functions Magento is a powerful platform for comprehensive catalog and customer management.

Superior Features of Magento Commerce:


With Magento Commerce you can manage multiple online shops on different domains from a single user interface. In addition, the system support multiple languages, currencies and tax rates, which makes it ideal for global companies with international sales.

Flexible Pricing Models

Define individual product prices for specific customer segments. Set sliding scale prices in relation to order quantities and flexible shipping costs.

Simple Administration of Multiple Shops

Manage and control multiple Web shops via a single, clearly-structured administration dashboard. That way it’s also possible to offer niche products cost-effectively and efficiently.

Simple Purchasing Process with Improved Usability

Magento has an extremely user-friendly interface. Through Faceted Layer Technology shop contents are clearly presented via a hierarchical navigation. 

Integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Magento offers an integrated function for Search Engine Optimization, with which search-engine optimized URL’s, title- or meta-tags, XML and Google sitemaps are generated automatically from existing product data.

Sophisticated Cataloguing

Magento is based on concept of Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s). This means that every product is assigned a unique article number and product identification. That way also products with small quantities can be stored and catalogued. Magento of course also offers the ability to create product bundles and other product-management tools.

Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Tools

Magento Commerce is not only an online shop system, it’s also a sophisticated marketing tool for professional, international E-Commerce. For example: send E-Mail newsletters to your customers directly from within Magento, carry out customer surveys, provide RSS feeds announcing new products or offers and place custom-targeted purchasing recommendations via promo banners and alerts for new products in the Web shop. 

Flexible Shop Design

Adapt the design and templates of Magento Commerce to your individual needs. Define various designs tailored to different categories and product levels. What’s more, Magento also has an integrated and scalable Content Management System for the implementation of custom (landing-) pages.

Extensive Reporting Features

Generate detailed targeting-reports for your online shop. Ranging from completed purchases or abandoned shopping carts to search queries, Magento’s meaningful analyses will contribute to the continuous optimization of your online offers. Through the integration of Google Analytics you can easily control ongoing AdWords or AdSense campaigns.

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