Keycloak is an Open Source Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution for advanced applications and services. Keycloak offers everything that a sophisticated user management tool needs – without having to log on repeatedly with every login and into every system – as well as system security, social logins, support for mobile apps and a problem-free integration into other solutions.

Single Sign-On

One-of-a-kind, lean and precise solution for single sign-on (SSO) – Users need to logon only one time

User- & Rights Management

Central management of admins and users, user rights, sytem access processes, password rules and passwords

Standard Protocols

The server conforms to numerous standards such as OIDC 1.0 and OAuth 2.0

What is Keycloak?

Keycloak is an identity and access management solution (IAM) for numerous applications and services, developed by RedHat, the world’s biggest Open Source software producer. The server comprises all important applications that an IAM solution needs to provide.

  • Authorization / Authentication: System logon with one account, respectively one single virtual identity
  • Systems Administration: Management of user accounts and data maintenance as well as session management
  • Module or Standalone: Use Keycloak as an element of your IT Infrastructure or utilize the server as a standalone solution

Benefits of Keycloak

Authorization & Authentication

System logon with one account, respecively one single virtual identity

Identity Brokering

Validation of the identity between different services via OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 IdPs

LDAP & Active Directory

Access to and query of servers and corporate data for authorized individuals


With Keycloak you receive a solution that offers state-of-the-art functionalities – the personal data of your users is in safe hands


Regular releases and an extensive roadmap ensure a solution that is always current


Keycloak is a powerful, future-proof IAM solution for enterprise applications

Active Community

An active community ensures continuous and customer-oriented development


Keycloak can be adapted to your needs and is capable of managing a nearly limitless number of accounts

Open Source

Keycloak is completely Open Source: Users benefit from a low priced, powerful and continuously maintained solution