ForgeRock OpenDJ

Data services with massive data scale and high availability.

OpenDJ is a big data platform combining a secure REST and LDAP directory with an accessible database. It helps companies to provide secure and reliable access to digital identities and corresponding credentials with a Java-based, Open Source solution, which is dynamically scalable, and offers numerous state-of-the-art features.

OpenDJ features include:

  • Password Protection: OpenDJ uses a wide variety of encryption methods and customizable rules to secure passwords and user credentials against hacking. It also protects companies against attacks and security breaches by supporting multiple levels of authentication and authorization
  • Secure Accessibility: OpenDJ’s REST architecture combines the performance and security of a directory with the accessibility of a database
  • Access to Big Data: The solution enables rapid, secure directory data replication at Internet scale across multiple environments and platforms, thereby providing companies with reliable, consistent data – regardless of device. Assured replication is available in the case of server failure. WAN-optimized replication is available for geographically distributed environments
  • Extremely Lightweight: OpenDJ can be easily embedded; its small footprint enables the development of customized applications requiring high-performance data storage
  • Architecture-Independent Design: Software and data are architecture-independent: Migrating to a different operating system or another server is as simple as copying an instance of OpenDJ to the new server. This deployment flexibility lowers migration costs and helps avoid lock-in
  • Developer Friendly: The platform is the first LDAP directory that supports a broad range of options including LDAP, a REST API and SCIM. An OpenDJ SDK for implementing LDAP directory services is also available
  • Setup and Admin: The system can be configured within minutes. It offers complete server management and monitoring can occur remotely or locally. OpenDJ also provides numerous backup and restore functions – for example, all configuration changes are audited, thus enabling easy rollback to a working configuration if needed
  • Logging and auditing: All operations are audited. Users can define filters for logs based on individual criteria
  • Localization: OpenDJ offers localization for a number of languages including English, German, French and Spanish