ForgeRock OpenAM

Comprehensive Open Source access management solution.

OpenAM is an all-in-one solution providing end-users with a single identity and a single credential for access to services, regardless of device or whether the services are in the cloud or on-premise. Companies and service providers profit from an Open Source platform that can support applications in all environments without additional investments in products or software licenses being necessary.

OpenAM features include:

  • Modular architecture: In contrast to traditional IAM solutions with their monolithic architecture, OpenAM is completely modular. OpenAM is also entirely Open Source and can be integrated easily into any application without modification – whether legacy, cloud, mobile or custom-built. In addition, OpenAM can be deployed across a variety of platforms
  • All-inclusive software: OpenAM is a single, Java-based application, built on a unified platform, which can be used to switch on individual services as needed without installing add-on products. Its design significantly lowers deployment, training and support costs
  • Cloud and mobile support: OpenAM provides extensive support for standards protecting the various business environments (including the cloud and mobile applications), as well as advanced security features – all at Internet scale. Cloud support includes a dedicated dashboard for single sign-on (SSO) of web apps and easy setup of social authentication, including Google and Facebook. Mobile support includes adaptive authentication (e.g. device fingerprinting) and REST APIs
  • Performance and scalability: OpenAM supports large-scale implementations and decreases datacenter costs and complexity, thanks to lowered hardware requirements
  • SSO: Windows Desktop SSO support enables OS and Web app SSO environment
  • Federation: All major federation protocols are supported
  • Authentication: 18 authentication methods supported out of the box. Additional methods can be individually added as required
  • Web Services Security: OpenAM supports all Web Services security standards
  • Open Identity Gateway (OpenIG): Together with OpenAM, OpenIG simplifies integration of legacy web applications into OpenAM SSO environments
  • Developer Support: OpenAM provides client APIs with REST, Java and C APIs