ForgeRock Bridge Service Provider Edition (SPE)

Extending user identities from inside the enterprise firewall into mobile environments and the cloud.

ForgeRock Bridge Service Provider Edition (SPE) offers cloud service providers an out-of-the-box, customizable, on-premise appliance with which they can efficiently provision, federate and synchronize identities between cloud- and enterprise infrastructures, thus extending the enterprise access management framework beyond the firewall into the Internet and across various applications. ForgeRock Bridge can be scaled as needed without expensive upgrades, thereby helping to reduce operational expenses.

Key benefits and features of ForgeRock Bridge (highlights):

  • User Provisioning Engine: Enterprises can automatically add and remove users as needed as part of a provisioning or access request workflow, eliminating the necessity of IDs and passwords. This feature helps to increase SaaS and mobile service adoption
  • Federated SSO: Standardized authentication for cloud service- and mobile apps as well as IP-connected devices (e.g. automobiles)
  • Identity synchronization: Automated user account synchronization between the enterprise and the cloud
  • Simple Setup and Configuration: The step-by-step configuration reduces complexity and deployment costs
  • Stand-alone Bridge: Stand-alone, flexible appliance can be integrated into any existing IAM infrastructure