ForgeRock – Open Source Identity Relationship Management

Building a bridge from Identity Access Management (IAM) to Identity Relationship Management (IRM).

With ForgeRock, companies can choose the first commercial Open Source identity platform with which they can manage identities regardless of location, application, device or business environment. The secure, scalable platform is an access management solution that goes beyond the "castle defense" of traditional IAM and offers companies the flexibility to manage customer interactions to drive business, extend reach and improve top-line revenues.

ForgeRock Open Identity Stack

The ForgeRock IRM solution is built on the Open Identity Stack, which comprises four core products: OpenAm, OpenDJ, OpenIDM and ForgeRock Bridge Service Provider Edition.

The Open Identity Stack is a commercial Open Source solution that enables companies to drive business innovation while reducing acquisition and implementation costs. It is designed as a modular platform with a scalable, lightweight infrastructure and features that can be brought online or switched off as needed. The Open Identity Stack is supported by an extensive developer community.

Its primary components are:

  • OpenAm: Comprehensive, unified Open Source access management and federation services. OpenAM includes the Open Identity Gateway (OpenIG), which provides an application and API gateway for consistently enforcing and extending corporate access, whether on-premise or in the cloud. OpenIG supports legacy systems as well as newly developed applications
  • OpenDJ: Open Source big data platform and the first LDAP directory server natively supporting REST (Representational State Transfer). The Java-based server is efficient, requiring minimal CPU power and memory
  • OpenIDM: Open Source user administration and provisioning solution for managing identities on an Internet scale
  • Bridge Service Provider Edition (SPE): ForgeRock Bridge SPE is the first identity bridge built for cloud service providers, extending user identities from inside the enterprise into mobile environments and into the cloud

Selected key features of the Open Identity Stack:

  • User provisioning
  • Password management
  • User administration
  • Single sign-on
  • Authentication
  • Federation services
  • Auditing and reporting
  • REST developer API