Neo4j is a scalable, native graph database, developed to focus not only on data but also its relationships. The native graph storage and processing engine deliever constant, real-time performance, supporting companies in developing intelligent, data-driven applications. Companies bet on Neo4j because they can use it to build future-proof applications, which are capable of intelligently managing their data.

World-best Graph Database

Neo4j has established itself as the global standard and is continuously improved


Beim Lesen und Schreiben von Daten, einer Kernaufgabe, performt Neo4j zuverlässig und unglaublich schnell

Data Integrity

Neo4j stores Data in its original format, thus ensuring that it is completely preserved

Neo4j defines the Standard for Graph Databases

Neo4j is a platform-independent software that stores, arranges and connects your data. This allows you to develop new applications for your company or to optimize existing ones. Less code at more speed means cost reduction, efficiency, and a reliable solution for each application. The global success of Neo4j is proven.

Neo4j has revolutionized the world of graph databases. The makers managed to implement indexing in Cypher for the first time. It is therefore not surprising that Neo4j has become the world’s leading graph database. Companies trust Neo4j because they can create future-proof applications that manage their data intelligently. Neo4j is used by Walmart, Adidas and ebay, among others.

  • 50+ of the Global 2000 rely on Neo4j
  • More than 500 Neo4j events annually around the world
  • More than one million downloads
  • 200+ technology and service partners
  • Active community with more than 20,000 meetup members
Volker Pacher
Our Neo4j solution is literally thousands of times faster than the prior MySQL solution, with queries that require 10-100 times less code. At the same time, Neo4j allowed us to add functionality that was previously not possible.
Volker Pacher
Senior Developer

Benefits of Neo4j

Fast and Reliable

Neo4j ensures that your data is written and and read quickly, while remaining complete at the same time

Easy to Operate

Even beginners can easily handle Neo4j – thanks to clever user interfaces and proven learning material

Excellent Price-Performance Ratio

In accordance with your requirements, the Enterprise version of Neo4j is offered with extra features and at a fair price


Neo4j adjusts itself to your data volume, thus ensure high speed

ACID Optimization

Atomocity, consistency, isolation and durability – in short, ACID – optimize the linkage of data

User Friendly

Neo4j convinces with simple user interfaces, numerous APIs as well as Cypher and Java for applications

Open Source

Neo4j began as an Open Source project. The community continues its support, which also benefits the Enterprise version

Trusted & Proven

Neo4j is the only graph database that analysts such as Forrester or Gartner rate as reliable enough to be used in critical applications


Neo4j has the largest community of all graph databases actively working on a robust ecosystem

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