MySQL Enterprise is a sophisicated and rapidly deployable database solution. It combines extended features with matching management tools and the technical support that you require. This ensures scalability, security and reliability, thus making MySQL ideal for use in the Enterprise sector.

Transparent Data Encryption

Automatic encryption of physical files of the database in realtime. Without matching unique keys, databases can no longer be read and are safe from external access.

Regular Backups

Backup of the database during operations is possible without problems. without problems possible. Full, partial and incremental backups are supported.


Real-time protection against cyber attacks, e.g. SQL Injections. Monitoring database threats, whitelisting trustworthy SQL statements, and blocking non-authorized activities.

MySQL Enterprise: Stable, fast, secure

MySQL Enterprise is the commercial version of MySQL. Oracle, the vendor, provides complete product support for this edition. In addition to the MySQL Enterprise Server, the package includes MySQL Enterprise Monitor, MySQL Enterprise Backup, MySQL Enterprise Audit, MySQL Enterprise Firewall and the MySQL Workbench.

Kris Ongbongan
MySQL provides the perfect blend of an enterprise-level database and a cost-effective technology solution. In my opinion, MySQL is the only database we would ever trust to power the website.
Kris Ongbongan
IT Manager of Production Systems

Benefits of MySQL


MySQL Enterprise is among the fastest available relational database systems on the market


Extremely stable database system in the long term and unser peak loads


Flexible use of different storage engines appropriate for your data and requirements


Automatic scaling on multiple servers is easy and uncomplicated, so you can meet more demanding requirements 

API & Interfaces

Large number of interfaces for many programming languages secures communications with the databases

Saving Resources

Using MySQL Enterprise needs very little RAM and hard drive space, thus saving resources

Easy to use

Due to the available tools and vendor support, using MySQL Enterprise is simple and fast

Secure Integration

External authentication is easily possible thanks to MySQL Enterprise Security, which ensures fast and easy integration into existing environments

Professional Support

Professional product support from Oracle. You are not alone with your problems and can concentrate entirely on your requirements

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