OroPlatform is an Open Source-based Business Application Platform (BAP). Users can combine tools and use exactly those features that the need for developing their applications – thanks to the flexible and individually adaptable architecture. OroPlatform is built on PHP5 and Symfony2. The BAP platform makes the development of custom-built business applications easier than ever before.

Flexible and adaptable

OroPlatform offers maximum flexibility – in its architecture and in development

Pre-configured Features

Numerous built-in features accelerate the time-to-market for new business applications

Open Source

The Open Source platform is the best prerequisite for application development and deployment

What is OroPlatform?

OroPlatfrom is based on the widely used Symfony framework and offers numerous out-of-the-box functionalities so that companies can focus on the rapid development of tailor-made business applications. Preconfigured features include: 

  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Workflows
  • Access Control Lists
  • Monitoring and Security Control
  • Flexible and expandable Data Models
  • Customer Administration and User Management
  • Tools for Data Import and -Export
  • Search Function

Applications based on OroPlatform

  • OroCRM: Multichannel CRM for marketing professionals and sales organizations
  • Akeneop PIM: PIM Tool for central administration of technical data and marketing information
  • Diamante Desk: Enterprise helpdesk and customer service software solution
  • Time Lap: With Time Lap you can monitor time expenditure for tasks that are executed in OroCRM
  • Marello: Open Source ERP for commerce solutions
  • OroCommerce: Flexible, Open Source-based B-to-B business application

Benefits of OroPlatform

User-friendly User Interface

The clearly structured, intuitive user interface provides the best-possible view for every task, making operation much easier


Quick Launchpad, B2B Sales Flow, UI Management and many other functions optimize your workflow

Versatile Uses

Intranet, PIM, Call Center, Help Desk, Order Management, ERP or CRM – OroPlatform can be utilized in numerous ways

Global Search

The search functions (Real Time, Queued Indexation, Advanced Search, etc.) leave nothing to be desired


Make informed business decisions with the right reports

Easy on the Budget

More efficient processes, faster development and standard functions free up resources

Additional questions about OroPlatform?
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