3 Key Components

Modular Open Source tool offers customers numerous benefits.

Customers looking for a PIM solution to fulfill the requirements they have for an efficient product management process, need look no further.

Akeneo offers a number of benefits to businesses such as:

  • Flexibility: Akeneo's integrated import- and export engines enable companies to connect the PIM solution to any other application or third-party system, thus helping them to control their multichannel business more efficiently
  • User-friendly interface: Akeneo is easy to use and features a smart, intuitive user interface so that even non-technical users can get started right away
  • Open Source tool: Akeneo leverages the Symfony2 framework and is based on the Oro Platform, meaning that it can easily be integrated with other Oro applications such as OroCRM

Akeneo PIM helps to solve pain points every company that manages product data faces on a regular basis - the main one being centralizing and harmonizing technical and marketing information from multiple sources across multiple channels.

The three key components with which Akeneo helps its customers achieve this are:

  • Extracting Data
    • Collecting data from existing sources (either in-house or from third-party applications)
    • Choosing and cleaning data to be integrated
    • Defining priorities among different data sources
  • Enriching Data
    • Enriching products with marketing / technical data
    • Classifying products and associating them to one or more catalogs
    • Localizing data to different languages
    • Data workflows and audits
    • Controlling data quality
    • Reporting
  • Distributing Data
    • Managing multiple sales channels
    • Exporting data (selecting appropriate channels, e.g. E-Commerce platforms such as Magento)
    • Creating printed catalogs (through web-to-print software)