Akeneo PIM – One solution, two different editions

When choosing the optimal Akeneo PIM solution, customers can choose between Community and Enterprise Edition.

Smaller companies that need a comprehensive, user-friendly and robust PIM solution, but can do without some advanced features and SLA-support, can meet all their requirements with the free-of-charge Community Edition.

Larger companies and those customers who need advanced features as well as SLA-support for larger projects can opt for the Enterprise Edition.

This edition has all the features included in the Community Edition plus:

  • Advanced Rights Management: Customers can externalize contribution processes and fine-tune user permissions so that contributors can only access the information they actually need
  • Validation Workflow: Contributions can be reviewed with a user-friendly validation workflow engine
  • Versioning & Publication: Previous versions of a product can be restored with a simple click; multiple versions of data can be maintained at the same time (e.g. to maintain a published version while working on an updated version of a product)
  • Smart Attributes: With Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition you can create dynamic attributes and calculate values for attributes using the Rules Engine
  • Product Assets Manager: Simplify your media management with the Enterprise Edition. Centralize your media, adapt them automatically to channels and connect your media with your products

Both versions are being continually development to meet the ever-changing customer needs. Some of the features planned for the future of the Enterprise Edition include a rules engine, tasks management and advanced reporting.