Product Information Management with Akeneo PIM

The Open Source solution helps manage product data from multiple sources across multiple channels.

Companies searching for Open Source Enterprise web applications usually can choose among at least several top-of-the-line alternatives. This holds true for E-Commerce solutions, content management systems, CRM applications, etc. The one major exception, at least until now, has been an adequate Open Source product information management (PIM) solution. PIM is a tool with which companies can centralize and harmonize product- and catalog data.

The main problem companies face when trying to manage this data is that the same information can often be found in different sources (excel files, printed catalogs, databases, ERP systems, etc.) – leading to redundancies. More importantly, if the information can’t be transmitted between existing systems in the format required for a specific task, additional effort needs to be expended. The result is lost time and money.

Akeneo solves these issues with the first truly Open Source PIM solution in the market. Customers benefit from a comprehensive tool with which they can extract, enrich and distribute data to efficiently manage their retail business.

Akeneo offers the following features (among others):

  • Products management
  • Quality control
  • Configuration management
  • Import- and export engines

Akeneo Highlights

  • 40,000+ Installations Worldwide
  • 165 Connected Countries
  • 3,500+ Community Members

As a global provider of Open Source Enterprise web solutions, AOE not only implements sophisticated web- and E-Commerce projects but also integrates third-party solutions for an optimal performance of web- and mobile applications. With Akeneo, AOE provides its customers with an open, flexible and future-proof PIM-solution.

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