• Worldwide leading TYPO3 service providers
  • 250+ Employees in 8 branch offices worldwide
  • Up-to-date agile development methods
  • Recognized TYPO3 Enterprise experts
  • Several TYPO3 Core developers
  • Dozens of TYPO3 certified integrators

TYPO3 from the Industry Leader

AOE is the world’s leading provider of TYPO3 solutions. As a TYPO3 Platinum Member, our 80 developers in 8 countries have more than 1,000 years of professional TYPO3 experience.

More about AOE

AOE Service Portfolio with TYPO3

Concept & Design

From the beginning we will assist you in planning your Enterprise web CMS or portal project and guide you from the initial idea to the finished design concept.

Implementation & Integration

As the leading TYPO3 agency worldwide we have years of expertise in the development and integration of complex, global Open Source CMS platforms for international corporations.

Operations & Support

We will guide you long-term as your partner even after the launch of your CMS project. We will collaborate with you in continuously optimizing and extending your platform.


  • The migration to TYPO3 was successfully concluded on an incredible 6 week schedule. Up to 15 AOE developers and project managers worked on the project simultaneously to ensure it's success.

    John Dawson Sony Network Entertainment International LLC

    Facts & Figures

    • 15 developers
    • 16 languages
    • 57 countries
    • 1,800 pages
    • 3,000 products
    • 6 week turnaround
  • With TYPO3 we are even faster and more flexible. Our employees can create marketing campaigns themselves, make individual customer area adjustments, and make all changes to our products on their own.

    Ulf Menssen Director Sales congstar


    • Independent creation of campaigns and Landing Pages
    • Personalized pages automatically adapt offers and prices
    • Flexible contract structures reduce internal costs
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TYPO3 CMS Advantages at a Glance

With more than 500,000 websites TYPO3 is currently the most common Open Source Enterprise Web Content Management System in the world. The Open Source CMS offers tremendous flexibility and expandability and has numerous interfaces out-of-the-box, as well as functions and modules for portals, mobile Web Applications, and intra- and extranets.

Worldwide, TYPO3 is supported by more than 1,600 service providers as well as more than 100,000 developers. The TYPO3 Association and a development team comprised of 30 professionals ensure consistently high quality standards through constant development- and quality controls.

The Benefits of an Open Source Content Management System

  • Significantly faster ROI due to a lack of license fees
  • Vulnerabilities are recognized, communicated and remedied more quickly than would be possible with proprietary software
  • Open Source software development is driven by thousands of
    developers from around the world
  • Independence from manufacturer problems such as bankruptcy or scarcity of resources as well as a free choice of service provider

  • 51 Translations

  • 6,005 Modules

  • 500,000+ Installations

TYPO3 Enterprise Features

Advanced and Extremely User-Friendly Workflows

The simple display of complex technical workflows for normal users is often an enormous challenge. With the unique frontend publishing workflow engine, companies can manage the entire publishing workflow over a single, intuitive interface. Changes are highlighted clearly. Users can thus save much time in processing.

Extensive Globalization- and Multisite Features

The TYPO3 CMS is known for its integrated multi-site and multi-language features, which surpass almost all commercially available and Open Source CMS in the market. In addition to these functionalities, AOE offers a 360° integration with most translation service providers and a complete suite for language recognition, translation management and globalization processes.

The Heart of your IT-Infrastructure

TYPO3 is a popular choice for all web- and Mobile Applications. The CMS can easily be integrated into your existing IT-infrastructure and often functions as the heart of complex web-, intranet- or extranet infrastructures. In this capacity TYPO3 can be connected to every database-, ERP-, CRM or other IT-system and offers a well ordered display and centralized management of all functions.

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