How can airports and travel retail use digital business models to secure and expand their non-aviation revenues? Kian Gould and Adil Raihani dealt with this question in a webinar in cooperation with the airport magazine International Airport Review. The topic obviously hit a nerve: the webinar reached a record number of questions asked by the nearly 500 live visitors.

The webinar is divided into two parts. The first section contains a 35-minute presentation by Kian Gould, CEO and founder of AOE, and Adil Raihani, Digital Travel Retail Advisor and former Senior Vice President of Commercial at Vienna International Airport. In the second section, the two experts answer questions from the auditorium for 25 minutes.

Unfortunately, since there was great interest in the topic, not all questions from the auditorium could be answered. Since Kian Gould didn't want to leave out any questions, he took the time to answer them in a subsequent Q&A video. The second video and a list of the questions can be found under the webinar video.

You can find all videos of our cases at Frankfurt, Heathrow and Auckland Airports on our AOE YouTube channel. Here, you can find additional information about the OM³ Marketplace Solution. Also read our Whitepaper "The digital airport commerce ecosystem", with further comprehensive information about trends and developments in Travel Retail.

Webinar Video

Webinar Presentation

Q&A Video

In the following Q&A video, Kian Gould answers the open questions that could not be answered directly in the webinar due to time constraints.

Overview of the questions from the webinar:

  • 0:54: How many downloads do the OM³ Airport Apps have? How to get enough traffic to the channels?
  • 2:10: Can passengers access the FRA marketplace via the Lufthansa App?
  • 3:46: How do you see the competition between the airport and the based airline, both of which want to be the main channel for e-commerce?
  • 6:00: Is the AOE solution IATA NDC compliant so that the airline or airport can use it to provide offers and orders for passengers at the time of booking?
  • 6:40: Can OM³ clients use the data obtained from digital marketplace platforms to enhance passenger document security and baggage screening processes?
  • 7:36: Does the solution provide passenger flow within the terminal and do you have data on how this affects passenger spend?
  • 8:45: Who owns the data of the webshop?
  • 9:25: Is there a time limit between the purchase in the city center and the pick-up at the airport? Could someone make a purchase and pick it up a month later on departure?
  • 10:39: Who pays the staff behind the pick-up desks at the airport?
  • 12:08: Do you see a future at Auckland Airport and Heathrow where a customer can pick up products in a locker system at the airport such as Amazon Locker?
  • 13:00: Wouldn't it be easier to allow Amazon to run both a physical shop and an online shop? This would solve investment problems and the assortment of the airport is suddenly worldwide.
  • 14:29: Do you see a future where you can shop at your departure airport and pick up at your arrival destination?
  • 15:50: What types of passengers use the online shopping services of airports? Is this evenly distributed across all passenger groups or do only frequent flyers use it?
  • 17:00: Is the technology marketable and cost-effective for smaller regional airports?
  • 18:07: If we offer a service for airports and want to talk about the OM³ solution, who is the best person to contact?

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