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Steven Bailey

Chief Strategy Officer

Steven Bailey has many years of expertise in the digital transformation of international companies as well as the development of their business- and IT visions. As Chief Strategy Officer at AOE, he is responsible for business development and advising clients in the area of digitalization and Omnichannel E-Commerce strategies. One of his main focus areas is the development of B2X transaction portals and mobile solutions that enable companies to map new business models and generate sustainable revenue streams. The clients he advises cover the entire range of industries – from wholesale and retail, aviation, automotive and industry to public and telco. In addition, the British-born designer can look back on more than 20 years of experience in international brand communications and has won numerous corporate design awards.


A PIM solution manages relationships, not just product data

In the third blogpost of our ongoing series about the AOE B2X Commerce Cloud, we will take a look at the PIM solution Akeneo, the “engine that drives the legs” of the commerce solution. The first two parts of the blogpost series focus on the performance marketing solution Adobe (part 1) and the e-commerce solution Magento (part 2) as part of the AOE B2X Commerce Cloud. The clean, consistent and central management of product and customer data is a key factor for successful e-commerce platforms. Or viewed from the other side: outdated, redundant or poor quality product data are the nightmare of every e-commerce manager. Well-maintained high-quality product data is a cornerstone of a good conversion rate. We show how we use Akeneo PIM as data backbone in our marketplace solution B2X Commerce Cloud. Think your PIM solution merely organizes your product information? Think again! If we add legacy systems, distributed IT infrastructures, and numerous ERP solutions to the flood of data, data management can quickly become a nightmare. Disconnected data quickly leads to intransparency and inefficient communication. In terms of commerce, this means that product information is often found in a variety of different internal and external sources (photos on storage media, product descriptions as documents in the cloud, prices in Excel spreadsheets, additional information in printed catalogs or data sheets, etc.). Often the data is not available digitally at all. Under these conditions, no company can operate E-Commerce successfully and on a long-term basis. This problem can be solved by sophisticated product information management (PIM). A PIM solution not only manages your product data, but also serves to expand and optimize your business and customer relationships.