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Christian Holzschuh

Online Marketing

Christian Holzschuh is Online Marketing Manager at AOE. He is responsible for website development and all online concerns at AOE.


Why digitalization of the airport industry has become unavoidable

The AOE team has created a unique Omnichannel platform for the Frankfurt Airport through an innovative development approach. The aim of the project was to connect travel-relevant information, service offerings and shopping opportunities – and thus to digitalize the Frankfurt airport. Background facts about the most demanding and comprehensive project in our history, to date. The Frankfurt Airport is full of superlatives! With an annual passenger count of 61 million it is by far the largest airport in Germany, the second-largest in Europe after London Heathrow and number eleven in the world. To compare: 61 million passengers are more people than the combined population of Canada and Australia. This corresponds to handling over 160,000 passengers per day, or the population of a mid-sized city. Throw in some 80,000 people who work at the airport – more people than the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro can hold. The airport is operated by Fraport, the company that watches over the entire airport. In addition to flight operations, Fraport is also responsible for the infrastructure: Rental of areas to retailers and restaurants, parking space management and ad spaces, but also digital assets such as Wi-Fi hotspots, iBeacons and passenger data. Fraport determines departure and arrival gates, controls passenger flow, security areas and, thanks to passenger data, knows its customers. Some 200,000 people are at the airport every day – making it Germany’s largest mall. And the airport earns revenues with every Euro spent, as retailers pay a revenue-dependent premium.

AOE press releases

Open House for students at AOE Headquarters in Wiesbaden/Germany

More than 20 interested students from the University of Mainz and the Technical College Rhein Main attended this year's open house at AOE headquarters in Wiesbaden. Founder and CEO Kian Gould spent time with the guests to introduce AOE, discussed agile concepts and development methods and presented key references. Afterwards, things got more specific: Scrum Master Thomas Layh and Product Owner Oliver Hoffmann-Vigneron explained the agile development method Scrum using the Connected Car (ConCar) project as an example. Developer Bastian Ike then showed how shop development and automated testing take place at AOE. The students were enthusiastic and eagerly asked questions. Lukas Hück concluded the presentations with a practical example from the point-of-view of a student who describes his start at AOE as a full-time developer after his studies of media informatics at the Technical College RheinMain. Lukas described the knowledge he was still lacking after his studies and how he was able to acquire this missing knowledge in a very short time with the assistance of helpful colleagues, AOE's mentoring program as well as his own willingness to learn. After the presentations, the guest were given a guided tour through the AOE offices, where the recreational area with pool table, massage room as well as table tennis and -football were some of the the students' highlights – in addition to the state-of-the-art workplaces. The tour concluded the “formal” portion of the open house; during the causal “Chill & Grill” on our expansive terrace, guests and AOE employees had the opportunity to get to know each other better while enjoying steak and beer. The last students gave Lukas a run for his money during a world-class soccer match on the Sony Playstation.