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Fuck up night – Agile Regular's Table RheinMain

When: 19.01.2023, 19:30 
Who: Veronika Etz and Christina Schreck (external coach)
Where: Online

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Fuck up night – content

Agile transformations of companies are usually associated with the desire to improve market perception, to react more quickly to customer wishes and, not to be forgotten, to change the company's financial situation for the better. Some even have employee satisfaction in mind during their transformation, which should also develop positively.

Many hopes and needs that are to be fulfilled by the transformation and with many decision makers of enterprises, the choice falls on "We work now agile". To which results these transformations can lead, Veronika Etz (AOE) & Christina Schreck (independent consultant) have brought in the context of their accompaniments of companies. Some to smile, some to shake one's head, but always with the awareness that with the current knowledge in the respective situation, an attempt was made to do the sensible and supposedly right thing.

We will take a look at the examples together, and the exchange of ideas will not be neglected. Always with the aim of reflecting on how such situations can be recognized at an early stage, or how a different path can be found together in the situation.

19:30 - Welcome and agenda
19:40 - Arrival and networking
19:55 - Transformation fuck up
20:55 - Closing
21:00 - Official end of the event
(from 21:00 - Casual exchange)

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