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Saving costs with Open Source CMS

June 02, 2015
About the author Christian HolzschuhChristian Holzschuh
Marketing & Communications

Some companies are still deterred by a perceived lack of security in Open Source content management systems (CMS), says Kian Gould, founder and CEO of AOE in an interview on IT-Zoom.

The legend of less security in Open Source CMS has been refuted for some time, says Gould. According to a study by Germany's Federal Office for Information Security from 2013, the implementation of security processes in those Open Source CMS solutions examined achieved a technical standard that even many proprietary software solutions that were developed under time constraints couldn't match.

According to Gould Open Source CMS solutions play a significant role in the overall CMS market: more than 80 percent of all CMS-based websites are managed by Open Source solutions.

One of the many reasons companies choose Open Source CMS is the lack of vendor lock-in. This openness has several advantages, including the capability of customizing solutions, a quicker time-to-market and increased flexibility. In addition, Open Source content management systems are future-proof and scalable.

Gould's conclusion: The CMS market is fundamentally changing. CMS has become a commodity of sorts, that is, a foundation for many companies. E-Commerce-, PIM- and CRM systems are gaining in importance and taking on important functions.

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