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Continuous Development and Deployment Presentation at the Jenkins User Conference

August 31, 2015
About the author Christian HolzschuhChristian Holzschuh
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Fabrizio Branca, lead system developer at AOE in its US head office in San Francisco and winner of the Magento Pioneer Award 2015, will speak about continuous development and deployment processes at the Jenkins User Conference on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. For almost ten years, Fabrizio has been experimenting with continuous integration and deployment, thus being able to draw on a broad range of experience. Fabrizio’s topic submission convinced the jury, giving him the opportunity to present at the conference and share his knowledge.

Which toolset is best-suited for continuous integration und deployment?

AOE-developers, working in different CMS-, E-Commerce-, mobile-, SOLR- and frontend projects, have been asking themselves “What is the perfect continuous integration and deployment toolchain?” Answer: There is no perfect set of tools or ideal path which works for all projects. For this reason the concept of “Deployment Patterns” emerged at AOE. Instead of a specific toolset, patterns and processes were put in place, which can then be applied to the continuous development and deployment process for use on various developments in specific projects. Project teams can choose and use the applicable tools from this flexible deployment pattern set, so that the deployment process and the affected installations are clearly understood for all project participants.

Fabrizio Branca on continuous integration, continuous deployment and their automation

For Fabrizio, last year’s Jenkins User Conference was “really interesting”, and he is therefore eagerly looking forward to this year’s conference. Fabrizio Branca's talk will provide a closer look into processes for collaboratively writing code, automated testing and a safe and efficient deployment on multiple servers with the push of a button.

In addition Fabrizio will talk about establishing solid workflows for automated build setups, establishing processes for manually triggered steps for approval as well as automated deployments to AWS. Attendees at the conference will also learn how to structure web projects including underlying deployment patterns.

As an example, Fabrizio will the use of continuous development and deployment processes and what is needed to deploy a Magento project in OpsWork. This example is comparable with the deployment in in-house infrastructures as part of customer projects, since it is clearly defined which elements are deployed and what is part of the installation. Fabrizio calls Jenkins the “glue” that holds everything together and enables outsourcing single areas of a specific project.

The issue of microcontrollers is also addressed in the presentation, as Fabrizio will bring along two devices that are wirelessly linked to Jenkins, which enables an easy-to-view display of the build status.