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Values & Responsibility
Company / Values & Responsibility

The basis of our work and actions. We believe in Open Source, agility and ethical principles.

Our values & convictions

Everything we do is dictated by three fundamental convictions: agility, commitment to the Open Source Initiative, and social responsibility.


We believe in the benefits of agile methods. Agility ensures maximum flexibility, transparency and openness for all project stakeholders.

Open Source

We are convinced of the value of the Open Source movement and live in a culture of sharing. That's why we use Open Source products in our projects.

Clear Ethical Principles

AOE is part of society and assumes social responsibility. We do not collaborate with companies whose principles run contrary to our own.

Social responsibility

We support initiatives that reflect our ethical principles – financially as well as with services and our expertise. We sponsor several charitable organizations and a variety of social projects with cash donations, and we also offer them special rates or free manpower for building, implementing and maintaining their websites. We support the following non-profit organizations:

  • MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières)
  • The ecumenical Christian youth organization CVJM (YMCA)
  • Children’s Home Wiesbaden
  • Programming for Refugees 
  • Devoxx4Kids 
  • Christmas Charity for the Children’s Home Wiesbaden
  • The "Wiesbaden engagiert" community project (article in German)

Devoxx4Kids at AOE Wiesbaden

Ethical principles

Based on our ethical principles we critically examine our partnerships with companies and, if necessary, ask an ethics committee to evaluate a possible cooperation. We do not work with the following types of company:

  • Manufacturers of controlled, illicit or harmful substances
  • Pornography sites
  • Partner portals
  • Defense contractors
  • Companies known for cases of corruption, child labor, slavery, prostitution or other unethical practices

Climate Change Awareness

Being a company with a relatively high energy-consumption business, we take our responsibility towards climate change very seriously. We operate large server farms for our customers. Also, we operate in the aviation business, which creates a relevant footprint of around 5 % of CO2 contribution in the global climate change footprint. Here are some of the key steps taken by AOE and Omnevo towards offsetting our climate contribution:

  • We follow at minimum a net-zero policy for our entire footprint.
  • We procure only 100 % renewable energy for all of our offices and internal server infrastructure.
  • We offset 200 % of our entire business mobility (flights, cars etc.) via atmosfair.
  • We do regular large scale tree planting campaigns.

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