In a globalized world it is becoming increasingly important to keep one’s orientation and assume corporate responsibility. All of our actions are based on one central principle: Open Source solutions are vectors to bring companies, people and processes together across the world and break down barriers. We support initiatives that drive this idea forward, both with our know-how and the commitment of our employees.

Our Values & Convictions

We base our actions on three fundamental convictions. We align our actions with these convictions and
translate these beliefs into daily practice: Our commitment to the Open Source movement and our social responsibility.

Open Source

We are convinced of the basic idea underlying Open Source and live a culture of sharing. We therefore place our bets on Open Source products in our projects.


We believe in the benefits of agile methods. Agility ensures maximum flexibility, transparency and openness for all project stakeholders.

Clear Ethical Principles

AOE is part of a society with a social responsibility. We therefore refuse to cooperate with companies whose principles are contrary to our own.

Social Responsibility

We support initiatives that reflect our ethical principles – financially as well as with services and our expertise. We sponsor several charitable organizations and a variety of social projects with cash donations, but also with special rates or offers of manpower when building, implementing or maintaining their websites. We support the following non-profit organizations:

  • Doctors without Borders
  • The ecumenical Christian youth organization CVJM (YMCA)
  • Children’s Home Wiesbaden

Commitment by AOE Employees

Starting with the self-initiative of the AOE team, AOE actively supports refugees and children. The following events and activities are supported and promoted by AOE:

  • Programming for Refugees 
  • Devoxx4Kids 
  • Christmas Charity for the Children’s Home Wiesbaden
  • Wiesbaden Engagiert (Article in German)


Ethical Principles

Based on our ethical principles we critically examine the partnership with companies and, if needed, ask an ethics committee to evaluate a possible cooperation. We refuse to cooperate with companies whose business practices are materially subject to one of the following criteria: 

  • Manufacturers of controlled, illicit or harmful substances
  • Pornography
  • Partner portals
  • Defense contractors
  • Companies known for cases of corruption, child-labor, slavery, prostitution or other unethical practices

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