To create successful projects and ideal conditions, an optimal structuring of the project team is a prerequisite. A functional team with the necessary professional expertise and agile methodological competence is essential, especially when developing software for complex projects. Our agile project teams generally work according to the Scrum model, are comprised of five to nine team members and consist of the following roles:

  • Product Owner: The PO represents the professional role of the client and is in contact with the stakeholders of the client
  • Scrum Master: The Scrum Master supports the team in the development of team performance and the continuous improvement of processes
  • Dev Team: Depending on requirements, the heterogeneous development team consists of developers for the backend (BE), frontend (FE) and quality assurance (QA) as well as specialists in design, UX, software architecture and IT

Client is active Part of Project Teams

In agile projects, the client is an active part of the project teams, usually in the role of the Product Owner. This has many advantages:

  • Communications: Due to regular communications, the client is informed at all times and can actively steer project progression
  • Early Results: Thanks to short iterations, the client regularly receives functional software early on
  • Flexibility: Change requests can be quickly and flexibly reacted to
  • Trust: Close partnership leads to a high degree of trust between client and service provider
  • Transparency: Through the constant insight into the project, the client has control of the costs at all times

Team & Method instead of fixed Price

One of the reasons for our success: We don’t sell fixed-price projects. Instead, we provide you with a competent development team with agile methodological competence. We call this approach Team & Method. In this way, our agile project teams achieve above-average results and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Introducing Agile Methods to the Client

We train our team continuously through ongoing education and internal agile coaches. Through the close cooperation with our clients and our extensive experience with agile methods and processes the employees of our clients gain valuable insights into agile projects. In this manner, and through active consulting, we support a number of our clients in introducing agile methods in their own companies.

Reasons for an Agile Culture

To optimally implement agile teams and agile methods, we create optimal conditions. With an agile organization and corporate culture, as well as the establishment and expansion of excellent teams, we create the best possible breeding ground for successful project work.

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