Velux: Complex Product Configurator

Simple Data Maintenance

Products, incl. complex product logics as well as categories and data from dealers, can be integrated into the system quickly and easily without previous technical knowledge.

Customizable Solution

Adapting the solution to country-specific products, product options and languages is possible with relatively little effort.

Countless Configurations

Rapid creation of single-window configurations, window combinations and additional products. Configurations can be issued as offers or orders.

VELUX Schweiz AG commissioned AOE with developing a B2B product configurator with E-Commerce functionality. The goal was to make the configuration of skylights and ordering product configurations directly from the system as simple as possible. The configurator now provides craftsmen with a powerful platform that goes beyond the printed catalog. Switzerland as a pilot market is intended to provide important insights into the future direction of the platform. In order to prepare a subsequent rollout into other markets, the solution was geared to maximum flexibility in terms of product data imports and country-specific requirements.

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One of the main challenges lay in the complex product data structure of VELUX. Therefore, a substantial part of the work was creating an import engine capable of interpreting existing product logics and executing these in the system accordingly. In this way, VELUX can provide complex product- and configuration dependencies in the online configurator with as little effort as possible. The configurator was designed to allow error-free assembly of a window or a combination of several windows. In practice this is made more difficult through the high degree of complexity of interdependencies among the products – e.g., “Product A” cannot be installed together with “Product B.” Additionally, the product logic becomes increasingly complex when configuring multiple windows concurrently. Moreover, it must be possible for VELUX to define arbitrary exceptions within this product logic.

Felix Egger
Together with AOE we were faced with the major undertaking of developing a complex, powerful and easy-to-use online platform for configuring products to facilitate the daily work especially for our craftsmen. The requirements for the solution were very demanding. AOE managed to implement these requirements perfectly – to the benefit of everyone involved: VELUX, our craftsmen and our end customers.
Felix Egger
Managing Director
VELUX Schweiz AG


The solution was integrated based on Magento. In addition to the actual catalog section, in which craftsmen can order individual components, the configuration of products in six easy steps was made possible. The craftsman can also create a tailor-made customer offer with his own products and discounts and transmit binding orders through the system directly to VELUX or its dealers, and create offers for end customers with his own logo. All product data can be imported via the import engine into Magento. The system thus contains the entire business logic. Furthermore, the system was designed so that a connection with various ERP systems as well as an international rollout are possible. Craftsmen can access the solution through the online portal, where they can start the configuration or call up the product catalog with a simple click.


With the B2B configurator VELUX highlights its leading position as a supplier in the market of roof windows. For the first time, craftsmen are able to price even the most complex product combinations and configure them independently of the manufacturer. The option of creating end customer offers directly from the system reduces the craftsman’s efforts in the offer phase considerably. Thanks to the adaptation of the configurator for tablets, craftsmen can also configure products together with the customer.

About VELUX Schweiz AG

At its Trimbach location VELUX Schweiz AG sells skylights and customized flat roof windows as well as matching sun screens and heat protection products. The company also offers numerous solutions and corresponding installation products for building automation. VELUX Schweiz AG is part of the VELUX Group, which employs more than 10,000 people worldwide. The company is also active in teaching and research and encourages collaborations with schools of architecture and other institutions dealing with daylight.

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