SSI Schäfer: 150 language versions, one CMS


Significantly easier implementation of up to 150 language versions through localization with fallback function.

User Friendliness

The portal is displayed in the relevant language for each user – without preselection.

Increased Revenue

Significantly increased revenue through the utilization of cross-sales potential.

Point zero for the project was the company’s original website, no longer up-to-date in terms of either design or technology. The professional re-design was based on the well-established TYPO3 system, enabling the client to keep set-up costs low. Noteworthy here are the approximately 150 different language versions based on the AOE extension “languagevisibility”, as well as the extension to manage the cross-sales potential between different products.


The client’s own IT department had set up, configured and administered the original TYPO3-based website. Apart from the outdated design aspect, the site was also not technologically mature enough for the planned international rollout. Thus, the project involved a relaunch of the website, including complete re-design and full overhaul of the technology, while maintaining the TYPO3 basis. A particular challenge was the localization for around 50 countries, each in two to three language versions.


Besides providing a user-friendly presentation of SSI Schäfer’s wide spectrum of products and services, the new website is also fully globalized in the extensive range of up to 150 different language versions that it can support. Furthermore, the site features an extension to manage potential cross-selling between various product areas, as well as extended caching mechanisms to reduce load on the CMS.

The sheer variety of languages represents a particular challenge for the new TYPO3 CMS. The complex fallback solution was implemented on the basis of AOE’s own extension “languagevisibility” and includes a Geo-IP-based language pre-selection, a feature that is of especial relevance for the ordering of brochures or for HR recruitment purposes.


With the new web portal, SSI Schäfer implemented the optimal solution for its international rollout. The website fulfills all administrative requirements while also meeting the demand for a user-friendly portal. Furthermore, the portal offers the benefit of additional cross-sales potential.

About SSI Schäfer

SSI SCHAEFER is the world’s leading supplier of warehousing and logistics systems. The product range includes the core area of warehouse equipment as well as workshop, plant and office equipment, plus a variety of waste collection and recycling containers. Fritz Schaefer founded the company in 1937, and today SSI Schaefer has 16 production sites around the globe and a worldwide sales presence.


Fritz-Schäfer-Straße 20
57290 Neunkirchen

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