Sony Playstation Network: Global Web CMS Rollout

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is directly obtained and rendered from three different XML APIs.


The AOE Redirect Management Module was greatly expanded to maintain over 2,000 redirects.

Scraper Feature

The scraper feature indexes legal information and publishes it to the portal. is the place to go for people who want to get the latest films, music or PlayStation offerings. Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) bundles all of Sony’s digital services. With “Music Unlimited” SEN offers a personal library that comprises over ten million songs. “Video Unlimited” offers films for sale or rent. The portal is also integrated with the PlayStation network. Customers can access it by smartphone, Sony tablet, Sony TV, PlayStation or PC. For the migration of the existing portal, SEN contracted Open Source expert AOE.


Sony Entertainment Network contracted AOE to transfer the existing static portal for on-demand delivery of videos, games and music completely to the Enterprise Web Content Management System (CMS) TYPO3 in its entirety, in 14 languages for 57 countries. In 17 cases this meant migrating the complete website; the remaining versions contained only country-specific Games Service Policies, important legal information for customers. Twice a week, SEN publishes new content to the portals. This also applied during the time migration to TYPO3 took place. 

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John Dawson
With AOE’s fast reaction time and unusual integration support, Sony Entertainment Network was able to migrate its formerly static websites into a fully functional TYPO3 environment within just six weeks!
John Dawson
Web Team Leader
Sony Entertainment Network


The migration to TYPO3 was successfully concluded after just six weeks. Up to twelve AOE developers and project managers worked on the project so that the site could go live on schedule. Synchronized content was used to make sure the portal remained available at all times, even while changes were being published. This process was in place for all localized and mobile-enabled versions of the portal.

Business Benefits

  • Special modules decrease the administrative burden: AOE developed high-performance modules for updating and maintaining music, video and game content, all with age verification, which had previously been updated statically
  • Redirects: The AOE Redirect Management Module was implemented with a large number of additional features to provide convenient editing of over 2,000 redirects directly in TYPO3. Prior to this the redirects had been executed via the server configuration, which meant an enormous extra effort for SEN
  • Scraper feature improves user friendliness: The special scraper feature indexes legal information from SEN headquarters in Japan and publishes it to the portal in all languages
  • The portal is GEO-IP- and device-sensitive and automatically transfers visitors to the appropriate country- or mobile version


With the migration to TYPO3, Sony Entertainment Network has full control of its global sites for the first time, with little dependency on its IT department. AOE’s automated deployment process replaced manual deployments, which were highly error-prone.

About Sony

Sony is a global manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for consumer and professional markets. With its music, pictures, game and online businesses, the company is uniquely positioned to be one of the world’s leading digital entertainment brands, offering an outstanding portfolio of exciting multimedia content.


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