Parallels: CMS with search- and marketing functions

Content Management

Reduced effort through flexible handling and integration of the search feature and Omniture tracking.

Short time-to-market

Focus on marketing, campaigns and time-to-market by simplified administration.


Future-proof by using the leading Enterprise-class Open Source solution.

Parallels is a world leader in virtualization and automation solutions, with a special fan base in the Apple community. Its extensive software portfolio helps private users as well as companies to benefit from cross-platform virtual computing environments. Parallels was seeking a content management solution that would integrate seamlessly into its existing system environment. In addition to marketing functionalities, a major focus was integrating a search solution with over 250,000 documents, the knowledge base and the forum. Documents from the existing Content Management System (CMS), which had been developed in-house, were to be migrated step by step. At the same time, both systems needed to be operable in parallel for a period of time.


As one of the most innovative companies in its industry, Parallels had supported its web portal professionally with a CMS from the start. However, over the years its in-house system increasingly reached its limits, and the excessive dependence on old technology ultimately required the marketing department to expend excessive effort to update content. Management decided that a flexible, easily operable, future-proof solution was needed to replace the old CMS. “After a close look at the market our clear choice was the open source solution TYPO3,” said Lisa Henderson, Parallels Vice President of Marketing for the Desktop Virtualization and Mac product lines. “For the implementation we hired the international Open Source service provider AOE. AOE has many years of experience as a specialist provider of Open Source Enterprise web solutions, and was the only company able to convince us that they had a clear idea of how to do a clean migration to TYPO3 while ensuring efficient communication between the technology team in Moscow and the management team at the headquarters in Seattle.”


After a careful analysis of the existing system, AOE developed a concept for the migration of the extensive database. In addition to the website, AOE’s Apache Solr-based Searchperience solution – with a volume far exceeding 250,000 documents – and especially the extensive Omniture Tracking suite needed to be integrated and migrated. The knowledge base and forums were integrated into Searchperience. To date, Google Search Appliance had been used, but it no longer fulfilled Parallels’ requirements. Since Searchperience had been developed by AOE and has many advantages over the Google offering, it was an obvious choice for Parallels to switch platforms.

To ensure a seamless transition, migration to TYPO3 was executed over several months. This meant that some content remained in the old system during that time. The step-by-step migration accounted for the majority of the work. One special challenge of the project was coordination and communication between the Russian technology team and American management. To ensure a smooth transition, AOE provided an on-site project manager to work at Parallels.

As a global player, Parallels offers its portal in multiple languages. In addition to English, the portal is available in German, Russian and Korean, among others. The portal was implemented in the company’s primary language English first. In the next step, seven other languages followed suit. For smooth transactions with translation service providers, the system now enables a direct XML export via a localization manager to the most common translation tools such as SDL Trados.


The project was launched in November 2010. Within four months AOE implemented Parallels’ requirements on schedule and executed a smooth migration from the old CMS to TYPO3. Thanks to the flexibility of the new CMS, AOE was able to smoothly integrate high-value features such as the frontend search and Omniture Tracking into the new environment. As an open source CMS, TYPO3 is future-proof, and its simple administration lets the marketing team focus on content instead of the complexities of the solution.

About Parallels

Parallels was founded in 1999 and today employs over 800 people. It is the world leader in desktop virtualization (Parallels Desktop for Mac), virtualization at the operating system level (Parallels Virtuozzo Containers) and of server control panels (Parallels Plesk Panel). Over ten million end users at customers in 125 countries depend on Parallels solutions. The company works with over 500 partners, including Microsoft, Apple, Intel, AMD, Dell, HP and IBM.


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