Panasonic: Search Solution for 30 Countries

Faceted Search

Speed and filters of the solution leave nothing to be desired. For example, in just a few clicks, users can refine their product search, which significantly reduces the bounce rate and increases customer retention.

Optimized Ranking

In an organic page ranking system, undervalued documents can be treated preferentially by assigning boost factors to increase their visibility in the search results.

Rapid Orientation

Search results categorized as “News” or “Product”, for example, are better organized and more easily found.

AOE implemented a search-as-a-service full-text search solution for more than 30 of Panasonic's European national websites based on Searchperience. The platform-independent Enterprise solution was successfully implemented for the first Panasonic national portal in just two weeks. Further countries followed.

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Above all, Panasonic wanted a search solution that would fulfill three criteria: it should be available quickly, and it should integrate easily into the existing Content Management System (CMS). In addition, the solution needed to be capable of indexing the widely dispersed data sources from CMS, SAP, E-Commerce solution, PIM, etc., regardless of platform. The electronics manufacturer chose Searchperience and entrusted the implementation to AOE.


The solution, which is aligned with Panasonic’s web design, suggests possible matches while typing through an auto-suggest feature; should the keyword fail to generate a result, alternatives are displayed. Synonyms are also found, for example, “mini audio system” when “CD mini” is entered. Search results – texts, images or links – are sorted according to categories such as “product” or “news” and can be narrowed further through filters. One can find, for example, all cameras available in red and costing less than 250 Euros. Panasonic can independently determine whether news or products are ranked highly in the results – and which ones.

The Enterprise solution Searchperience is based on the Open Source search engine Apache Solr, a dedicated crawler developed by AOE and an interface for the management and configuration of the solution. The intelligent crawler indexes and analyzes Panasonic’s URLs automatically – without requiring data in the form of XML- or CSV-files. The crawler not only recognizes content, but also identifies their semantics according to predefined patterns.

Searchperience is implemented in AOE’s dedicated private cloud and was integrated in the CMS already being used by Panasonic with a simple HTML snippet, cutting down integration effort significantly.


When shopping and searching online, users have high expectations regarding speed, reliability, options and relevance. Global companies must meet these requirements to remain competitive. Thanks to Searchperience and AOE the search solution in place on Panasonic Europe’s websites is now state-of-the-art.

About Panasonic Europe

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and engineering of electronic technologies and solutions for customers in residential, non-residential, mobility and personal applications. Since its founding in 1918, the company has expanded globally and now operates over 500 consolidated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.30 trillion yen (68 billion euros) for the year ended March 31, 2013.

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