Mundipharma: The Pain Specialist

Content Management

Administration of content, translations, templates, microsites about designs via central CMS.

Systems Integration

Integration and central administration of contact forms of all microsites, including datasets, as well as login for the healthcare portal Doc-Check.


Options for search engine-optimized pages for better rankings by search engines.

Mundipharma decided to completely convert their Web Content Management System from the previous licensed ECM Documentum CMS to a new license-free Open Source solution. the company chose TYPO3, and AOE was entrusted with the conversion of all Mundipharma Internet portals. The website of the main business portal of the parent company was ready to go live after just three months. An additional four portals on the subject of pain therapy as well as the portal to Mundipharma Campus followed before the end of the year.

The conversion of the highly-complex Mundipharma platforms to TYPO3 was, thanks to the facility of the TYPO3 Open Source Frameworks, not a serious difficulty for the AOE team. The content migration of these comprehensive sites and in particular the company platform,, went off without a hitch. Even the conversion of the corporate image and web design posed no real problem, thanks to a broad use of templating.

Somewhat more difficult, however, was the connecting of diverse micro-sites, the integration of an extended contact form and the link up with the login in the DocCheck® system. With more than 550,000 registered users, DocCheck® is the most used healthcare portal for professionals from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors in Europe. Doctors, chemists, pharmaceutical staff, medical students and many other groups of healthcare professionals use DocCheck® as their professional online information, networking and purchasing resource. Mundipharma, by offering its site visitors the possibility of directly logging into the DocCheck® website from, therefore bring a distinct value addition to their site users.

Securing this login connection via TYPO3 to DocCheck® proved quite difficult, but after a brief development time and extensive testing, a suitable solution was found through a specially-developed TYPO3 extension.

In a similar way, integrating the contact form with its associated data sets and the pre-structured availability of user data to the internal database system, as well as establishing interconnectivity to the different micro-sites, was all achieved via ad hoc extensions.

Beyond this, the platform itself, just as with all the other Mundipharma sites for pain therapy and the Mundipharma Campus, was optimized for a variety of search engines. For example, the TYPO3 installations were so configured as to make possible the placing of keywords in the footnotes section of the page specifications. These would in turn be shown in the website title, thereby improving its visibility to search engines. For, the keywords "Schmerzmittel", "Schmerztherapie", "Schmerzspezialist" (painkiller, pain therapy, pain specialist) appear. Simultaneously, for every platform a sitemap embedded in the layout and couched in the style of the site has been implemented, automatically giving a complete listing of all pages and micro-sites and which is also fully optimized for search engines.

Darüber hinaus wurde die Plattform genauso wie die weiteren Mundipharma-Sites für die Schmerztherapie und den Mundipharma Campus für diverse Suchmaschinen optimiert. So wurden die TYPO3 Installationen so konfiguriert, dass es möglich wurde, das Untertitel-Feld in den Seiteneigenschaften jeder beliebigen Unterseite mit Keywords zu füllen, die dann im Titel der Website angezeigt werden und für Suchmaschinen besser zu finden sind, z.B.: „ – Schmerzmittel, Schmerztherapie, Schmerzspezialist.“ Gleichzeitig wurde für jede Plattform eine Sitemap im jeweiligen Layout und Stil der jeweiligen Site implementiert, die vollautomatisch eine komplette Aufstellung aller Seiten und Unterseiten ermöglicht und darüber hinaus ebenfalls voll für Suchmaschinen optimiert ist.

About Mundipharma

Mundipharma is one of the leading medium-sized pharmaceutical firms in Germany. The company, with its HQ in Limburg, Hessen, has very successfully positioned itself in the field of pain therapy. Other specialties of this research-driven Enterprise are in the fields of oncological and respiratory illnesses.


Mundipharma GmbH
Mundipharma Straße 2
65549 Limburg/Lahn

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