Monier Roofing: Global Corporate Website and B2B Portal Solution

SAP Product Catalog Integration

Monier products can be presented in a more appealing manner by the product catalog, with all technical information details granular and transparent.

Lead-Management via Portal

Roofing companies can log on to the B2B portal and accept orders. Reporting and tracking also take place via the portal.

Sustainable & expandable

The solution developed by AOE can be extended by further portals and modules and thus flexibly adapts to the dynamic growth of the Monier Group.

With over 8,600 employees in 40 countries, the Monier Group is the world's leading supplier of products for pitched roofs. AOE took over the entire technical implementation of the corporate website relaunch and developed an integrated portal solution for 24 corporate websites of the Monier Group in 17 languages.

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The Challenge

After the company was renamed in 2007, Monier replaced the existing IBM Websphere content management system, which was subject to costs and licensing, with the open source solution TYPO3. Not only was the entire content of Lafarge Roofing transferred to the new Monier Group design and the necessary XHTML templates created and integrated, but a large number of Flexible Content Elements (FCEs) were also integrated. In addition, a portal function was developed that enables the login of artisans, architects and customers and enables communication via portal.

Nicole Pichin
That we were able to implement 24 Monier Group websites in just 5 months was largely due to the commitment of the AOE team. This TYPO3 solution is inexpensive and efficient and can be used worldwide by our subsidiaries without any problems.
Nicole Pichin
Group Communications Director
Monier Group GmbH

The Solution

The global corporate website enables worldwide control via a central instance. The solution now offer the editors of the Monier Group even more freedom in designing and working on the website.

Reduced maintenance effort due to integrated SAP product catalog

One highlight is the newly designed product catalog. During the implementation, several thousand products were clearly entered into the portal. Interconnected with a picture gallery, in which pictures of reference projects can be categorized and displayed according to region, product and other keywords, the Monier Group has extensive possibilities for presenting its product range. In addition, the search within the product catalog was also implemented independently and integrated into the catalog and the overall system. In some countries, product data now flows into the CMS via a direct SAP interface, so that manual maintenance is no longer necessary. In addition to the product catalog, a large number of standard modules and in-house developments were used. Existing modules for the implementation of a newsletter, download options, an integrated search function and embedded form functions were used in the portal.

Sales and lead management via portal

In addition, a portal solution specially developed for Monier was implemented for lead management. The portal offers dealers, architects and roofers the opportunity to set up a presence on the portal and receive leads from customers. A Google Maps integration enables end customers to view sales partners and dealers of Monier products as well as architects and roofers in their environment. Monier not only acts as a product supplier, but also as a distributor of orders:

  • Lead management: Roofers can log into the Monier portal and view leads from potential customers. When accepting an order, the roofing company undertakes to carry it out and must contact the customer within 1-2 weeks.
  • Reporting: The roofers provide reports on their services and expenses in the portal, which enables transparent proof of services and comparability of the roofing companies.
  • Billing and after-sales: Follow-up activities such as order billing, invoicing, and possible further orders are carried out by the roofer or Monier Sales.

The Result

The solution developed by AOE can be extended cost-effectively with additional websites and modules and thus flexibly adapts to the dynamic growth of the Monier Group. This gives Monier a scalable corporate web solution that is flexible, cost-effective and low-maintenance thanks to the SAP interface. In addition, the portal solution enables lead management and mediates between end customers and roofing companies. 

Business Benefits

  • Centrally controlled global corporate website with 37 languages in 28 countries via one instance
  • Relaunch in less than 5 months
  • Future-proof through flexible, adaptable and scalable Open Source solution
  • Enhanced product presentation with categorization, image galleries, reference projects and Google Maps integration.
  • Complex SAP-integrated product catalog logic
  • Lower product data maintenance thanks to data delivery via SAP interface
  • B2B roofer portal enables lead management including order placement, reporting and invoicing via portal