Heath Ceramics: High End B2C E-Commerce


Customized filter features, for example sorting products by color family that shows whether a product is included in the collection.


Customers can maintain registries. AOE modified the Magento-standard. Registry owners can see which products have already been purchased.


Using flexible registries, customers can convert merchandise value into coupons, should their preferences change.

Heath Ceramics is one of the very few mid-century American porcelain manufacturers still in operation. Since 1948, the company has been making dishes and ceramic tiles by hand in Sausalito, CA. Founder Edith Heath was an influential artist and modernistic designer. Today, the digital age and traditional craftsmanship meet at Heath. To improve its existing online shop the company contracted AOE, a system integrator specializing in content management and E-Commerce, with locations all around the world including San Francisco, California.

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The former Heath Ceramics web shop was no longer at the cutting edge in terms of user-friendliness, filtering options, or features. Heath sought a supplier who not only brought technical expertise to the table, but also a high affinity for design. The renowned agency Method was chosen for the redesign. For Heath Ceramics, AOE integrated the Content Management System (CMS) TYPO3 and the Enterprise Edition of Magento, an Open Source E-Commerce platform. Method’s truly innovative design required many custom modifications to both systems. AOE successfully met the extraordinary challenge of seamlessly integrating CMS and E-Commerce platform with absolute flexibility, thus meeting Heath’s complex requirements.

Catherine Bailey
Thanks to AOE and Method, our new webshop is as state-of-the-art as our products.
Catherine Bailey
Owner & Creative Director
Heath Ceramics


The project features a number of usability highlights. For example, at the customer’s request a Custom Color Family filter and “Some included” view were added to the filter features provided by Magento. The Custom Color Family filter lets users sort the product overview by color family instead of specific colors, which reduces the number of color choices to a manageable number and makes life easier for both user and online shop administrator. The unusual “Some included” view, in the form of a semi-full bullet point, shows whether a product is included in a category or collection. For example, if one filters for blue bowls, then one sees that they are available in all collections except “Alabama Chanin” and are also included in the categories “Accessories” and “Serving”.

Last but not least, the Mix-and-Match feature lets customers assemble their own sets and receive discounts on them, making the new Heath Ceramics online shop a carefree package for users and portal administrator alike.


AOE implemented Method’s elaborate design concept while retaining maximum usability and adaptability. The result is a visually sophisticated, user-friendly web shop that can be flexibly maintained with significantly less effort.

About Heath Ceramics

Edith Heath (1911-2005) founded Heath Ceramics in 1948. Today, over sixty years later, Heath Ceramics is considered among the most enduring examples of mid-century design. Found in restaurants, homes and museums around the world, Heath is synonymous with simple, functional and thoughtfully designed tableware and tiles. Many of Edith’s original pieces are also on display in the permanent collections of museums such as MOMA and LACMA.


Heath Sausalito
Factory and Store
400 Gate Five Road
Sausalito, CA 94965

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