Heath Ceramics: High End B2C E-Commerce

About the Case Study

Since 1948, Heath Ceramics has been making handmade tableware and ceramic tiles in Sausalito, California. Today, the digital age and traditional artisanship intersect at Heath: the company wanted to realign its existing online shop and gave AOE the task to implement the new solution.

Business Benefits

  • Integration of CMS and E-Commerce solutions
  • User-friendly
  • High-quality Design
  • Extensive functions
  • Easy to maintain

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Customized filter features, for example sorting products by color family that shows whether a product is included in the collection.


Customers can maintain registries. AOE modified the Magento-standard. Registry owners can see which products have already been purchased.


Using flexible registries, customers can convert merchandise value into coupons, should their preferences change.

Management Summary: Creating the optimal User Experience with a seamless CMS- / E-Commerce Solution

Heath was looking for a supplier who not only brought technical expertise to the table, but also a high affinity for design. The renowned agency Method was chosen for the redesign. AOE developed a solution consisting of an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) and the E-Commerce software Magento Enterprise Edition. AOE succeeded in integrating the CMS and Magento flexibly and seamlessly, thus meeting the complex requirements of the project. The result is a visually sophisticated, user-friendly webshop that can be operated flexibly and with significantly reduced effort.

Catherine Bailey
Thanks to AOE and Method, our new webshop is as state-of-the-art as our products.
Catherine Bailey
Owner & Creative Director
Heath Ceramics

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