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Data Consistency

Up-to-date, consistently structured data can be made available system-wide.


The scalable Enterprise solution enables an efficient workflow.


DMS-, ERP- and database systems in one solution simplify system administration.

AOE consolidated the websites of the group, including national service portals, and implemented the new portals with the Content Management System (CMS) TYPO3. The web platform supports the global operations of almost 100 DQS online editors working in 45 languages.


The particular challenge of the project was to develop the interfaces necessary to integrate the document management- (DMS) and database systems as well Enterprise resource planning (ERP) into a single solution.


Not only was a multilingual and informative company web platform developed for DQS, but also, thanks to the integrated and secure MYDQS web portal, a fully scalable Enterprise solution to support the workflow between end users, advisors, DQS staff and auditors. The new solution provides the capability for users to easily access all the information regarding the certification process via the online platform. This means that the various national sites of DQS-Group subsidiaries, also include various useful tools within the MYDQS web portal to make it more user-friendly and efficient. Together with an integrated customer database featuring every certificate ever issued by the DQS Group, this solution also enables certificate applications currently being processed by a particular consultant or auditor to be tracked within the DQS website.

A major part of the work involved in this comprehensive project went into the specification, implementation and documentation of the various interfaces for the globally applicable DMS-, ERP- and database systems of the DQS-Group. The reason for this was that within this international corporation, several specialized solutions were already in place, such as Dynamics AX-ERP from Microsoft or the DMS solutions from EASY in a variety of versions and customizations. In addition, much of the available data from the various DQS locations on different continents is processed differently. Even in those countries using the same DMS- or ERP systems, the data was often structured inconsistently. In order to enable the seamless interactions of these diverse data formats and structures between TYPO3 as well as the MYDQS services and the proprietary systems concerned, they all had to first be transformed into a common denominator via a high performance “middleware” before being filed into the new system. This means that it is now possible to import current validated data of the same structure and format into the TYPO3/MYDQS solution, which can then be easily compared with the entire audit workflow and displayed via the web browser.


The workflow between end users, advisors, DQS staff and auditors was streamlined with the new online platform. Especially the integration of DMS-, ERP- and database systems into a single solution helps rationalize the work.

About DQS

DQS GmbH is an independent and competent management partner for companies of every size and all business sectors who offers objective assessments according to about 100 approved norms and technical or industrial specific standards. With more than 1,850 DQS auditors as a part of the worldwide DQS-Group is the only supplier on the market who focuses completely on assessments and certifications of management systems and processes in companies and organizations.


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