Deutsche Welle: Work- and Information Tools for Employees


New rights- and authentication solution increases system security.


Optimized navigation and retructured content improve the user experience.


Revised intranet promotes communications among employees.

Under the direction of ]init[ AG Berlin, AOE implemented a new intranet based on TYPO3 for Deutsche Welle. Specially developed modules enable the integration of new support- and information tools for internal communication and collaboration.


To facilitate communication among staff and to keep its employees informed, Deutsche Welle has operated a company intranet, based on TYPO3, for several years. The intranet was entirely redesigned for the relaunch: the navigation was optimized through a newly developed concept and design, the available content was restructured. The site is now significantly more user-friendly, accessible and in conformity with BITV (the German WCAG standard).


Several features were introduced for the first time into the Deutsche Welle intranet: An interactive forum, a chat system, a staff list with integrated and optimized search functionality, a photo gallery, a questionnaire tool, a meal-planner, a document list and an adapted version of the news section. To this end, various modules were specially developed and others were adapted and extended.

A particular highlight of the site is the new rights- and access-authentication system, which is based on an NTLN connection (the Windows Server authentication). Background: for the Bonn (DW) and Berlin (DW-TV) offices, different Windows versions were implemented as domain servers. However, TYPO3 runs on an Apache server and therefore needed to authenticate against the backend Windows servers. Access control for the interactive forums or chat rooms must ensure that no anonymous contributions are posted and that no one gains access from outside the system. To this end, a particularly secure system was implemented with authentication and permission synchronization with existing systems. AOE developed two new modules to manage the authentication, which are introduced upstream from each module requiring registration. The username is parsed from the HTTP header. If the user name exists in the database, the user is granted access to the desired area. If not, then he is transferred to a login page. Credentials are imported daily from the Windows domain servers and exported to TYPO3.

The intranet is used by 1,500 employees every day at a rate of two to three visitors per second. Thanks to the new solution, users can now be automatically logged in and authenticated via NT4.


The new Deutsche Welle intranet features optimized navigation and newly structured content, paired with a user-friendly design.

About Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcasting service. It “conveys the country as a nation rooted in European culture and as a liberal, democratic state based on the rule of law.” The comprehensive range of journalistic formats includes offerings for television, radio and the Internet. Deutsche Welle employs a permanent staff of 1,500 employees as well as hundreds of free lancers from 60 countries.


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