Anki: How Anki sent its Digital Strategy into Overdrive

About the Case Study

Making artificial intelligence (AI) accessible to everyone and bringing consumer robotics into everyday life: This is the goal of the Californian company Anki. Anki manufactures AI-controlled consumer electronics products. The products are designed to make it extremely easy, for example, to get started with the Overdrive battle racing game. To deliver an optimal UX for its worldwide digital services, Anki needed a seamless solution for the website, E-Commerce store and mobile app.

Business Benefits

  • Connection of website, store and app
  • Reliable availability even during traffic peaks
  • Seamless transition between website and app
  • Implementation within three months
  • Flexibility through Open Source technologies

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Future-Proof Solution

Flexible solution provides a seamless omnichannel user experience that can be easily adjusted according to the needs of the customer.

Seamless Integration

Integrated solution for website, E-Commerce store and mobile app, which is easy to use and beautifully designed with optimal UX.

High Performance

Auto-scaling high-performance E-Commerce store is able to handle massive traffic increases during peak seasons.

Management Summary: Creating the optimal User Experience with a seamless CMS- / E-Commerce solution

Together with its solution partner, AOE, Anki opted for Drupal as its content management system (CMS), and Magento for its E-Commerce platform. The solution allowed users to switch from website to store and app without even noticing. The new digital platform and full E-Commerce functionality needed to be delivered in three months to support the crucial holiday shopping season. The use of powerful Open Source technologies provided flexibility to Anki, enabling the company to produce new content and E-Commerce features frequently.

Anki wanted a powerful and easy-to-use E-Commerce platform with a high-end design. The combination of Drupal, Magento and AOE was a great solution for us, as we were building out our global business.
Tom Eliaz
Director of Software Engineering
Anki Inc.