Anki: How Anki sent its Digital Strategy into Overdrive

Future-Proof Solution

Flexible solution provides a seamless omnichannel user experience that can be easily adjusted according to the needs of the customer.

Seamless Integration

Integrated solution for website, E-Commerce store and mobile app, which is easy to use and beautifully designed with optimal UX.

High Performance

Auto-scaling high-performance E-Commerce store is able to handle massive traffic increases during peak seasons.

Anki’s goal was to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone, and to bring consumer robotics into everyday life. Its products are designed to make it as easy as possible to pick up and play. For example, the only thing players need to do to get started with the company’s Overdrive battle racing system, is to open the box and build their track. Everything else is handled by the Overdrive app, from getting you connected, to teaching you gameplay, so you can start playing immediately. It’s effortless by design.

The Challenge: Creating optimal User Experiences

In order to deliver an equally optimal UX for its global digital services, Anki needed a seamless solution for its website, E-Commerce store and mobile app, each of which had to be easy to use with beautiful design, while delivering top performance. As a holiday-focused business, Anki’s E-Commerce store needed to be able to handle massive increases in volume during peak seasons.

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Anki wanted a strong and easy-to-use E-Commerce platform with a high-end design. The combination of Drupal, Magento and AOE was a great solution for us, as we were building out our global business.
Tom Eliaz
Director of Software Engineering
Anki Inc.

Connecting Website, Store and App

Together with its solution partner, AOE, Anki opted for Drupal as its content management system (CMS), and Magento for its E-Commerce platform. The solution allowed users to switch from website to store and app without even noticing.

Magento took care of all E-Commerce requests, such as adding products to the cart, managing the buying and checkout process, and controlling payment and fulfilment.

To have the same design for both the website and E-Commerce store, Magento directly integrated all templates provided by Drupal using a bespoke importer module. To ensure a seamless integration of website and store, including all buying data within the buying process, Anki used AOE’s custom-built CartAPI Magento module, so when a user put products into the cart and returned to the website, Magento loaded all purchasing data into the website. In addition, the iOS and Android apps were connected to the API module, so Anki users could buy products and virtual goods in the app using the Magento E-Commerce platform without even going to the store.

The Implementation: Tight Deadlines

The new digital platform and full E-Commerce functionality needed to be delivered in three months to support the crucial holiday shopping season. To ensure that the project met these tight deadlines, AOE used agile development methodologies and continuous integration and delivery methods.

Ultimately, AOE delivered the project in time and on budget for a very successful holiday season for Anki.

The Benefits: A Seamless Solution

The use of powerful Open Source technologies provided flexibility to Anki, enabling the company to produce new content and E-Commerce features frequently. The new digital platform enabled Anki to continue its growth in the US and to ramp up its international expansion in Europe.

About Anki

Anki harnesses robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to bring consumer products to life with unprecedented levels of intellectual and interactive capabilities. Founded in 2010, Anki creates consumer experiences using cutting-edge technology that was once confined to robotics labs and research institutes.


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