Angry Birds: Global Merchandising Portal


Marketing campaigns can be updated in Magento; the system recognizes the output device and shows appropriate content.

Third-Party Systems

The new store is linked to 4 third-party systems.

Responsive Design

A responsive design adjusts the entire shop to any display format.

The problem is well-known: hungry green pigs have stolen the eggs from a flock of brightly-colored birds. To retrieve the eggs, the birds catapult themselves at the pigs’ hideouts. A lesser known fact is that Angry Birds, the addictive smart phone app, is also available as a PC game and in a large variety of stuffed animals and accessories. Commissioned by Finnish entertainment media company Rovio, AOE implemented the new Angry Birds web shop in the Amazon cloud using the Enterprise version of the Magento E-Commerce solution. The online shop is available on all continents and supports country-specific currencies.

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Rovio was looking for a flexible shop system that can grow with its needs, and chose AOE, an international Magento Enterprise Partner with extensive experience in E-Commerce and performance optimization. One of the challenges was the hosting and handling of rapidly growing, already-high, user volumes. More than one billion downloads of the app have made Angry Birds an absolute bestseller. Each new version of the game creates massive peaks in portal traffic.

Lauri Turtiainen
Thanks to AOE and Magento, we now have the technical capabilities to efficiently handle the increasing traffic from all around the world to our web shop. Now we can concentrate on delighting our customers by providing an enjoyable and seamless shopping experience, for which Magento provides an exhaustive set of tools.
Lauri Turtiainen
Retail Analyst & Project Manager
Rovio Entertainment Ltd.


AOE implemented the hosting of the Magento web shop with the world’s highest traffic volume in the Amazon AWS cloud. The advantage: The Rovio web shop scales automatically – if usage increases, new servers are brought online in seconds and are ready to accept orders within just a few minutes. Rovio is therefore one of the first Magento Enterprise shops to utilize 100% automated scaling. Highly optimized caching enables the store to easily handle several thousand requests per second.

  • The new Angry Birds store is linked to four third-party systems: Braintree handles payments; thanks to a Shipwire implementation, the shop knows the inventory of the individual warehouses worldwide as well as the stock-up and delivery times of each. The third system is a Digital Rights Management Server. The fourth system comprise a separate mail server, to ensure stable dispatching of thousands of confirmation mails
  • Marketing campaigns and promotional activities can be managed and customized in Magento; the system that recognizes the output device and shows content appropriate to special offers. With Magento Rovio can generate gift cards and voucher codes for special event; these can then be printed and sold through selected sales partners
  • Responsive design adjusts the entire Angry Birds shop to any display format, guaranteeing an optimized shopping experience, whether the platform is accessed by PC or mobile device


Rovio needed a capable technology partner for online sales. AOE successfully met all the requirements for a flexible web shop with scalable hosting and high performance. Now nothing can stop the colorful little birds on their quest to achieve stuffed animal world supremacy.

About Rovio

Rovio is an industry-changing entertainment media company based in Finland, and the creator of the globally successful Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds became an international phenomenon within a year of release, and is now the number one paid app of all time. Following this success in mobile gaming, Angry Birds has expanded rapidly in entertainment, publishing, and licensing to become a beloved international brand.


Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
Keilaranta 17
FI-02150 ESPOO

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