Our corporate culture is characterized by agile processes, a distinct Open Source-mentality, teams with individual responsibility and without hierarchies as well as openness and transparency – internally and with our customers. We attach great importance to high quality and have high demands on ourselves and on our work – with the right amount of fun and an equitable work-life balance.

Our Working Culture and Atmosphere

Agile Methods and Processes

Agility is one of the most important principles of AOE. All of our projects are implemented with agile project- and software development methods such as Scrum or Kanban. We are deepy convinced of the advantages agile methods offer. We regard our clients as active elements of our project teams. We regularly and transparently inform them regarding the current status of the project, which means we can give feedback and change requests in a timely manner, and have functioning components early during the development phase. Statistics show: Agile projects have a significantly higher success rate when compared to traditional project management approaches.

Teams without Hierarchies

Through close cooperation and team spirit, a quiet working atmosphere, open communications as well as agile team structures without hierarchies, we share our knowledge on a daily basis, thus continuously adding to our expertise. Our teams work with a strong sense of responsibility and, for the most part, autonomously. Management regards itself as part of the team and, using the servant-leadership approach, supports the team – intervening only in difficult situations. Maybe this is the reason why we have an unbeatably low average employee turnover rate, which is under two percent annually.

Open Source Mentality and Technologies

We believe in the benefits of Open Source technology and therefore consistently implement them in our projects. We use mature Enterprise Open Source technologies that are scalable, safe and reliable. Here, you can find an overview of our Open Source Technologies.

Openness, Transparency, Communications

Analogous to our Open Source-mentality and our agile processes, we also stand for openness and transparent communications. It is important to us that those participating in the project and the stakeholders on the client side, but also our own project team, are knowledgable about the project at all times and have been actively and transparently informed about potential problems and their solutions. We consider ourselves as partners of our customers and communicate on equal footing.

High Quality, High Demands

Our aspiration is no less than “Solutions close to Perfection”. In our daily work, we place great demands in quality, both in our processes as well as in the solutions being developed, and view this aspiration as a competitive challenge. In order to ensure our software quality, tests and continuous deployment important elements of our processes. Good-bye Deadline Driven Design.

Our Benefits for Employees

Our employees are our most valuable resource. We therefore foster and support continuing education, place great value in employee satisfaction and offer outstanding benefits. A selection of our benefits:

  • Fair salaries
  • Individual mentoring for new employees
  • Company-own restaurant with cooks, free beverages, snack and fresh fruit
  • Pool billiard, table tennis and -soccer as well as PlayStation
  • In-office Thai massage studio
  • Flexible working hours
  • Interne Communities of Interest (COIs)
  • Continuing education + 2,000 € annual training budget for every employee
  • Summer party, annual ski trip and team events
  • Free German- and English courses

Questions about careers at AOE?

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions at any time. You can reach us by phone at +49 6122 70707-0 or by email at jobs@aoe.com.

Annika, Astrid and Jana
AOE Recruiting Team

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