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Career FAQs
Career FAQs

Your questions.
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Here is an overview of frequently asked career questions with our answers.

Questions about benefits

At AOE, you will get 30 days of vacation if you are working a 5-day week. If you are working part-time, the number of vacation days will be adjusted according to the number of days you work (for a 4-day week 24 vacation days etc.)

Every employee receives a training budget of € 2,000/year. You may use this for conferences (incl. travel and accommodation), training courses, workshops, books, etc.

Yes, we offer a company pension after successful completion of the probationary period. In most cases, it is also possible to transfer your pension from another employer (portability).

Yes, we offer a JobTicket for the entire RMV-Verkehrsverbund, which you may also use in your free time (incl. rules about additional persons you can take along). 

In addition, we subsidize the leasing of bicycles from JobRad.

Each team gets a budget of € 100 per team member, which can be used for a jointly-planned team activity once a year. In the past, activities have included e.g. canoe trips, visits to a poetry slam, llama treks, bowling, and/or dinner. 

In addition, there is a summer party for all employees and their families, as well as a Christmas party.

Yes, we offer German and English courses in cooperation with an external language school, up to the B2.2 language level. Of course you can also use the training budget for relevant language courses.

Ways of working

We want to make your start as easy as possible. Before you start, you’ll be assigned two AOE mentors, one who will assist you with the technical aspects of onboarding and another who will introduce you to AOE’s company culture and internal processes across all of our teams.

If you have any questions, your mentors will be glad to help you. But all of your other colleagues will also help you find your way at AOE as quickly as possible.

To guarantee good coordination within and between teams, we have specified core working hours of 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM for a full-time position.

If you have decided that your main workplace should be in your home office, we will subsidize your equipment (desk, chair, lamp, etc.) up to a certain amount.

And of course you will also be equipped with a laptop, monitor, headset and any other hardware you need for your home office.

Yes, we provide you with hardware. You can choose between a Macbook or a Lenovo ThinkPad and between one 32” or two 24” Dell screens or a Phillips 34" curved screen. Additionally, you can also choose a headset of your liking, as well as a mouse/track pad and external keyboard.

General questions

No, that’s not a problem at all. While many developers have already worked with SCRUM, it’s completely new for others. That’s why, in the course of onboarding, we offer all new employees a two-day internal SCRUM workshop with our AOE Scrum Masters.

A CoI is our abbreviation for “Community of Interest”. These are smaller or larger work and interest related groups of employees who are passionate about a certain topic and want to exchange knowledge or ideas. Topics range from an agile-CoI to a 3D printing CoI to a sushi or volleyball CoI. As you can see, there are no limits to the topics and you are more than welcome to join or found your own.

We support your advancement on a personal and skill level, so we encourage you to expand your abilities and incorporate them into other areas of your interest or liking. This can in some cases also entail a complete role change within AOE. For example, we have had people go from software tester to front-end developer, from system administrator or developer to DevOps engineers, or from office management to recruiting.

However, there is no classic career ladder with disciplinary leadership responsibility or titles to gain within a hierarchy at our company.

Questions about applications

Of course! Even if you can’t find a specific role in our job listings, we’re always seeking good Developers, Software Testers, Software Architects, Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

And even if you’re coming from a different area, just go ahead and ask us if you’re uncertain.

No, currently we only offer internships in the form of mandatory internships as part of a relevant university/college degree.

No, unfortunately this is currently not possible.

You certainly can! We’re much more interested in your experience, expertise and commitment than in how you have acquired your knowledge.

We regularly advertise jobs for students and interns in different areas. Just take a look at our students’ page.

Any further questions?

Our recruiting team is happy to help!

Annika Becker-Weyersbach
Jana Roßkopf
Annika Sander

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