Our employees are our most valuable resource. We therefore place great value in employee satisfaction and provide our employees with the best-possible conditions to work productively and in a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, we promote the personal growth of our employees, support continuing education and training and offer numerous benefits.

Job, Office and Workspace

Well-designed Offices

Our offices are well-designed and well-equipped: Our employees have optimal conditions to work and feel comfortable. In addition to the open and appealing office spaces, these include, among others, perfectly equipped meeting rooms, lounge areas, a terrace and showers.

Freely designed Workspace

We are convinced that each individual knows best how to optimize his or her personal workspace. Therefore, we leave the design of the workspace to our employees. Employees are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software and can decide for themselves which technologies and work materials are necessary for their job. All workstations are equipped with dual screens. Ergonomics are also an important topic: More and more employees choose an adjustable desk.

Directions, Meals and many Extras

In order to concentrate fully on development, we offer many additional services that make life easier for our employees. We offer flexible working hours and Job Tickets as well as parking spaces for cars and bicycles so everyone can create be best-possible working conditions. For lunch, there are low-cost meals from our chefs, a kitchen in which employees can cook as well as free, fresh fruit, snacks and various beverages. Breaks are important: Every employee receives 30 days of annual leave. An optional company pension plan is another benefit at AOE.

Benefits for Job, Office and Workspace:

  • Fair Salary
  • 30 Days Annual Leave + Open Vacation Policy
  • Job Ticket
  • Company Pension Plan
  • Parking Spaces for Cars and Bicycles
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Relaxing Work Environment
  • State-of-the-Art Offices
  • Lounge Area
  • Terrace
  • Showers
  • Job Bike
  • Shopping in the Luisenforum Mall and in downtown Wiesbaden / Pedestrian Shopping Area
  • Free Beverages
  • Tea and Coffee Brewers
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Granola Bars and Snacks
  • Freshly prepared, low-cost Lunch
  • Kitchen for Employees (Cookery)

Training & Perspectives

Development within the Team

Our teams are agile. There are Product Owners, Scrum Masters and developers with different functions. Due to constant changes and optimization of the teams and projects, it is therefore possible to have different roles within the team, to work in different projects or to change teams – depending on the best it fits and always in consultation with the teams and employees. With the so-called “Job Chicken” program, it is also possible to gain insights into other projects and tasks, without having to immediately committing to a change.

Active Knowledge Transfer

Not only the know-how of the individual employees is important to us – knowledge transfer within teams is also actively promoted. There are regular meetings of communities of interest, user groups or other meetings that are organized and held independently by the employees. In addition, there are Scrum trainings, a library with specialist books and English courses. Haven’t found the right thing yet? Then organize your own meeting about your topic or propose a suitable improvement at the semi-annual Open Friday, where your suggestion is discussed, voted on and implemented by the entire team.

Benefits for Personal Growth, Continuing Trainings and Knowledge Transfer:

  • Annual Advance Training Budget of 2,000 € per Person
  • Agile Team Structures, Changes in Roles, Projects and Teams possible
  • Mentoring Program for personal Startup Phase by a dedicated Mentor
  • Communities of Interest
  • User Groups
  • Scrum Trainings
  • Internal Meetups (open for External Participants)
  • Daily Stand-Ups, Dev- und PO-Weeklies
  • Library (Professional Books)
  • German- and English Courses
  • Semi-Annual Open Friday

Atmosphere & Work-Life Balance

Positive Work-Life Balance

In sports, breaks are very important for increasing performance – the same applies to our work. To ensure optimal performance and a relaxed working environment, a good work-life balance of our employees is very important to us. Overtime is basically taboo and the absolute exception; in the rare cases where it’s needed, we balance it with additional leave. Our approach is confirmed by our employees: AOE achieved the second-best work-life balance in Germany with 4.83 out of 5 points as part of the Kununu employer rankings.

Work hard, Play hard

If you work hard, you can also allow yourself some fun. Our offices are equipped in accordance with this motto. In addition to the almost obligatory table soccer, -tennis and pool billiards, AOE offers a whole lot more for employees to recharge their batteries and quick, fun breaks. Regular gaming highlights can be found in our FIFA League on the PlayStation. Relaxation is also catered to: With our massage lounge chair as well as our own in-house Thai massage studio.

Teamplay – during Leisure Time too

If you like, you can socialize outside of working hours, too. We have various sports groups at AOE such as soccer, badminton, volleyball, running, swimming or bouldering. In addition, there are self-organized team evenings, either with specific activities such as movies or games, or where those interested get together at a local pub to talk about topics of the day. Our big events are highlights: in the winter we take our annual ski trip and during the summer we have a summer party for the entire family.

Fun Benefits and Sports during Work- and Leisure Time

  • Scooters in the Office
  • Billiards, Table Tennis and -Soccer
  • PlayStation and FIFA Gaming League
  • Massage Chair
  • Thai Massage Studio
  • Yoga
  • Gym (reduced rates)
  • Sports Activities such as Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Running, Swimming, Bouldering
  • Team Evenings (Regular Gatherings, Board Games, Online Gaming, Movies, etc.)
  • Summer Party
  • Annual Ski Trip

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