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An employee’s path into an Agile company

December 22, 2015
Author Lauma FeyLauma FeyQuality Assurance

So here you are. Sitting at your desk, hired into an Agile work environment. You are ready to impress, ready to give one hundred percent. But wait, they didn’t tell you what to do yet. And they never will.

The whole Agile thing seemed to be very chaotic to me in the beginning. You can almost compare it to an anthill: seeming chaos, everywhere you look. But every single ant knows exactly what to do and all ants together add value to the team and to the company. At AOE, they don’t ask you to conform, instead they ask you for your opinion. I learned the difference in leadership: to influence someone in a positive way and to help him grow to his full potential – instead of just giving orders. It’s “ok” to make mistakes. What’s important to the process and the individual is to learn from those mistakes and to grow.

I was hired to assure quality. I am a software tester. I’m motivated at AOE by collaborating with highly-qualified, like-minded professionals who give their best every day. That is where quality starts: with the people, the continuous dialog among them and the desire to improve!