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Introduction to JavaScript

2 days Remote
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From Google Maps to Facebook: Web-based applications are now an integral part of everyday life – and are becoming more complex by the day. Development therefore demands a clear and sound understanding of the JavaScript programming language. The use of front-end frameworks and libraries such as React, Vue or Angular also require a good understanding of JavaScript.


After this training, you will have an overview of the most important concepts of JavaScript and, as a programmer:in, will be able to understand and apply JavaScript – regardless of which framework or library is ultimately used in your project.

Target group

  • People who have a basic understanding of programming
  • Teams that would like to get started with JavaScript


In the training, the functionality of the most important JavaScript concepts is introduced and then trained practically. Afterwards, open questions and discussions will be clarified in order to build on this and develop further concepts.

Training structure:

  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • Working with Data Types
  • Objects
  • Promises, async/await
  • Document
  • Events
  • Forms
  • Document Loading and Resouces

Organizational information

Technical requirements:

Michael Bykovski

Our trainer: Michael Bykovski

Michael Bykovski has been working as a computer scientist for 15 years. In his career he has used various programming languages, tools and frameworks and worked for customers of different sizes and use cases. He is currently working on a scalable data science tool that analyzes measurement data from artificial heart muscles. Among them, he is developing a cloud solution for a measurement system used to measure artificial heart muscles. Among other things, Michael works as a lecturer at Hochschule Rhein-Main, where he offers the subject "Web Engineering". As a long-time and former AOE employee, Michael now introduces beginners to new programming languages as an external AOE Academy trainer and teaches advanced users how to use them efficiently. He is a fan of agile software development, which places particular emphasis on clean tests and clean code.