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DevOps Consulting

Implementation of a holistic DevOps process

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What challenges do we see in our daily work?

Development and infrastructure teams are often faced with the challenge of migrating existing applications "to the cloud" or creating a new architecture in the cloud from scratch. Not infrequently, there is a lack of time and comprehensive knowledge to obtain a thorough overview of the options, evaluate the alternatives, and deal intensively with the problems and tasks once work has begun. And we have all seen it: not infrequently, migration is "just" another project on top of the team's normal tasks.


Our experts will help you implement a comprehensive DevOps process. To do this, we first obtain an overview of the current situation in joint workshops and define an objective. Based on this, we jointly analyze the existing challenges and develop concrete measures for setting up a stable target infrastructure that is fit for the future. If required, we will also support you with customized training in addition to consulting - because the efficient and sustainable use of the tools provided requires a sound knowledge base.

Target Group

On the one hand, DevOps Consulting is suitable for development or infrastructure teams planning to build a cloud architecture from scratch or migrate existing applications to the cloud. On the other hand, ongoing projects also benefit from our consulting and supportive training.

With many years’ experience planning, implementing, automating, and securely operating flexible cloud platforms and infrastructures at the enterprise level, we know the benefits of proven DevOps practices. As part of a continuous delivery approach, we think about infrastructure in our projects from the very beginning. As an agile software service provider, we are happy to assist you on the path to optimizing your DevOps processes - through consulting and training and by recommending suitable tools.

Insights into the workshop

Timo Pinzauti

Timo Pinzauti

Head of Technology / IT WORKS GmbH
AOE is an extremely good hub for connecting on a wide variety of topics. During the workshops, we were able to benefit enormously from this wealth of experience. Especially in the area of cloud infrastructure, we were able to build and develop our infrastructure according to our needs through collaboration.
Fabrizio Branca

Our trainer: Fabrizio Branca

Fabrizio Branca is a Senior DevOps Engineer. After building the AOE team in San Francisco, he is now back in Wiesbaden, Germany, developing and running cloud infrastructure for Data Science and other global projects. Fabrizio provides his extensive consulting expertise and has supported numerous enterprise projects. His focus areas are Continuous Integration and AWS as well as their automation.